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Paper on a Short Guide to Studying a Foreign Language

Foreign Languages Books

Communication and interaction among people on the international level are of high importance nowadays. Studying a language is a key that opens much life opportunities for us that include fluent communication with native speakers during traveling, well-paid job and a great chance to read one’s favorite writer’s masterpieces in original. That list may go on and on.

Argumentative Report on Main Reasons Why School Shootings Occur

Child Crying

The problem of a school shooting has become very burning in the light of recent events and that is why we offer the topic a really good one for essay writing. This social issue has triggered a lot of strikes and protests because nowadays children do not feel safe at schools in their classrooms. The Internet has been deluged with victim interviews, psychologist’s comments and messages from celebrities – despite all this fuss, the solution to the problem hasn’t been found yet. Thus, in this argumentative report, let’s dwell on possible reasons why the problem of a school shooting has aggravated so much in the recent days.

Essay on How to Know Whether College Is for You

College Life

College can be a great place for studying, making new friends and overcoming intellectual challenges. However, some students decide not to get in. In most cases, it’s not because they are too lazy to write college essays or attend lectures. The reasons are different, from financial difficulties to isolation. Let’s find out whether college is the right place for you.

Writing Games to Play

Writing Game

In the era of gadgets, writing games have lost their popularity, though has not become less interesting. Student time is especially good for this type of games. Breaks between lessons, waiting for any university events, or other suitable time could be used wisely. Writing games help to train brain while doing fun activities. Moving a pen on a sheet of paper activates different parts of the brain, makes us more concentrated and creative, while a game provokes the thinking process.

Write Down a Plan of Your Day. Time Management

Plan in a Notebook

Another day seems to be a rollercoaster. You can be occupied with important tasks and events for every minute of your day, but, at the end of it, you will still have a lot of unfinished homework and other assignments. In this post, seven rules of time management are offered. Take a sheet of paper, a pen, and be ready to write a few tips down.