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Essay on How to Know Whether College Is for You

College Life

College can be a great place for studying, making new friends and overcoming intellectual challenges. However, some students decide not to get in. In most cases, it’s not because they are too lazy to write college essays or attend lectures. The reasons are different, from financial difficulties to isolation. Let’s find out whether college is the right place for you.

College Life

If you’re a big fan of meeting new people and often come across as an initiator, chances are that you will enjoy spending time with your fellow students. But before getting in, it’s wise to make sure that you will feel comfortable there. So, visiting Open Day is a really good idea. You will see if the place isn’t isolated, and the clubs match your personal aspirations.

College opens up a lot of interesting opportunities. You can visit other countries to gain work experience and take a break from writing essays. Or you can also become a good leader who helps his/her peers make their life more exciting by starting different clubs or running a student group.


Keep in mind that getting a degree isn’t all about getting out of trouble concerning writing essays, completing research papers and attending lectures. Besides, you can ask someone: ‘Please, do my essay for me,’ anytime. You will meet people who are completely different. And you will have to get along with them. If you rarely socialize and prefer to spend your free time on your own, you may have trouble getting on with your extraverted housemates and peers. Some people stress that it is completely ok. They believe that every person has to learn how to navigate tricky relationships. Even so, you have to take into account your unique personality traits before applying in order not to damage your mental health. Are you ready for spending time with those who might rip on you? And don’t forget about noisy housemates. In this case, you may want to consider renting a flat.


Some careers, however, require a degree. You can become a great designer or a programmer without attending any higher educational institution and having to write essays, but it will be very difficult to become a competent physician without a degree. In addition, you will usually need a bachelor’s degree in order to teach at a school. The rules vary from state to state. So, do some research on what you really need to get your dream career.

Talking to Parents

This might be very hard. Every parent is different. Unfortunately, most parents will start to yell at you once you tell them that you’ve decided not to get in. Don’t forget that they just want you to be happy and secure throughout your life. However, sometimes parents don't know what you really need to be happy. College graduates are indeed offered a greater security. But safety and happiness are two different things. You might be afraid of talking to them, but if you don’t, you will regret of not being brave enough.

First and foremost, it's wise to try and explain why you want to move in a new direction. Then, tell them about the options you’ve been thinking about. Dropping out of college without a plan is a bad idea. It’s better to have a clear picture of your next actions. Fortunately, college today isn’t the only way forward.

If you are already in your second or third year of studies and feel like it isn’t for you, you can take a time-out for up to 12 months. Maybe, you just were tired of doing so much homework and decided to have some rest. If not, knowing that there is still a place for you, your parents will be less worried about your future. Besides, it can be a good backup plan.

Having emotional support from your loved ones is paramount. But if they are unwavering in their beliefs, try talking to your peers or professors about your final decision so they can help you get through this.

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