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An Argumentative Essay on AI: Pros and Cons

Robot Sophia

This topic is being discussed so actively right now that perhaps only complete recluses are not aware of it. It may seem as if the idea of artificial intelligence polarized the world. People tend to either be ardent supporters or petrified critics of this phenomenon, often failing to realize how nuanced and mysterious it really is.

A Horror Movie Review of Babadook

Dark Scary House

Just like in any other movie review, you would need to talk about likes/ dislikes, the producer and the director, the actors and their play, and, of course, your personal opinion and recommendations. However, horror movies have special features typical only of that genre.

What Is Technical Writing and How You Can Handle It

Guy with Laptop

The popularity of this job or activity (before we start digging deeper into it you can call it as you like) has been boosted by the rapid progress in different spheres of human life. So, let the word “technical” in this term not mislead you. It’s not only about technology of different kinds. Technical writers are often involved in chemistry, medicine, finance, and many other domains.