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How to Make the Professor Like You?

Students with Professor

Enrolling into to the university is your first step towards adulthood. The professor gives you knowledge and validation of knowledge. This way you are able to work independently, and this will largely determine your progress. How to establish a relationship with the professor, you ask?

Top 13 Books to Read While Studying in College

Books Another World

Every period in our life is characterized with special colors. We wear the clothes of a certain style, listen to the definite music bands, and even use words unique only for a certain age. Literature is not an exception. When it goes about studying in college, I am inclined to think that every self-developing person of this tender age should read or re-read the appropriate list of diversified literature to find out the answers on different issues that can swarm in the heads especially intensively in that period of life.

To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

Cheating During Study

From the very childhood, we are told that cheating is bad and it depicts you as a crafty and unfaithful person. However, beginning from school, it is rather hard to name someone who at least ones in his/her life has not cheated. This misconduct is that kind that if is revealed, will be not counted as the heaviest sin in your life. In that regard, arises the question whether the moral side of cheating is only bad and negative or it can be characterized either from a positive side.

Vegetarian Food as a Point at Issue: Pros and Cons

Phenomenon of Vegetarianism

Nowadays vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular all around the world. Somebody drops eating meat like a hot potato because of the thought of poor animals, somebody does that way taking care of their health or because of the desire to jump to a higher spirit range and somebody just wants to be in the trend. In the addition, a lot of people quote the authorities of both famous people of the past who were at the bottom of this lifestyle (e.g. Pi–fagor, Plato, da Vi–nchi, Shakespeare, Newton, Van Gogh, Einstein etc.) and modern celebrities who have been ardent vegetarians for years.