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Is College Fun: Pros and Cons of Being a Student

College Student

It is not a secret for everyone that college is like a new step in our mature life. It gives us an amazing opportunity to find ourselves. But it is also true that college is the best variant after a school. But what useful can we get from it? Let us start by considering pros and cons of being called a "student" in the college.

Religious Discrimination Essay

One in Turban

There are lots of discrimination events in the world; it happens every day and in every country and nobody is insured of it. Religious one is maybe the most common issue. Many programs which are related to the fighting against faith prejudgments are held among the planet, however, human's mentality can be hardly changed. Thousands of people are suffering from day to day because they believe in the different god than others do. Here are several examples of religious discrimination and ways how to deal with it.

How to Improve Relationships with Roommates?

Roommates in Dorm

Relationships with roommates in a dorm play a great role in your college life: they influence your mood, the quality of studying, life conditions and so on. It is well-known that negative attitude of your neighbors may ruin your happiness and well-being. Moreover, the marks will get worse: it is quite hard to write a college essay when someone near you too loudly. So, it is much better to build friendly relationships with them. However, it sometimes not as easy as it sounds. A young person lives with students, which have a different temper, interests, religion and so on. It means that to all of them it is necessary to find a unique approach. Below there are several tips, which explain how to improve relationships with roommates.