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Lana Del Rey – "Born to Sing, not to Study"

Art on Described Singer

If you still pore over your homework and think that prestigious education can make you a path in this cruel world, then you are absolutely right. However, every rule has its exception. For example, Lana Del Rey, whose unwillingness to write essays, enter the university, and lead a normal life style of a student have made her a star on the skydome of showbiz.

How To Prepare For The School Year

School Bag

The long-awaited summer vacation seems to have vanished in a second, and here comes the first bell that signalized the start of the school routine. Some scholars are excited to fall back into the pleasant process of learning something new and seeing their friends everyday, but most students would be happy to avoid school a little bit longer. Why does it happen? In order to stop dreading the inevitable, we need to prepare ourselves for the start of the new semester.

Dream Sweet Dream

A Person Sleeping

It was calculated that we spend 24 years of our life sleeping. Impressing, right? That is why it is not only interesting but also very helpful to know how to do it in order to benefit the most. A good sleep in an essential rule for each student, as it helps feel better during a day. That is why we decided to open up this topic again.