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Terms and conditions

During both sides agreement we use terms as "Company", “We" or "Our" in the reference to the company Bluebird Consulting Service.

"Website" refers to

"Customer", "You" or "Yours" concerns to the client who purchase from our website with the personal order and is familiar with all the policies mentioned on the website. He/she confirms to follow them in an appropriate way and is responsible for all the choices made by placing an order with our company.

“Product” means the company`s essay, academic paper, assignment which is made as per the instructions according to the certain order and sold to the client. Customer receives a product by email or downloads it from the personal page.

“Order” concerns the full information from the order form, which gives the company clear ideas about customer’s requirements. Client has an obligation to provide us with the understandable order instructions. Order could be placed only from the order form on the website clicking on “Order now”. Our company does not accept any other ways for making a purchase ( telephone, chat, email).

Our services:

By placing an order with us, you have to select among the available types of services, such as: writing from the scratch, editing, re-writing, business writing.

Before placing an order, customer has a responsibility to read more about our Policies: Revision Policy, Money back Policy, Terms and Conditions in order to be familiar with all the specific information and rules. After this procedure the payment can be processed.

Terms acceptance:

Dear customer!

Welcome to our website. With the following agreement we describe you all the terms and conditions which you will face, while visiting our website whenever. This agreement contains the entire agreement between Us (Company) and You (Customer). With this agreement you confirm your familiarization with all the policies and notifications from the website

Agreement Editing, Deleting and Modification:

We have a right to change or modify our terms and conditions due to new requirements. We have a possibility to post new conditions of the agreement or policy and terms any time. While continue using our website you have an obligation to follow all the notification updated in order to monitor the changes and deal with the terms acceptance.

Site and license access:

We allow you to use our website with a limited license in order to access site and for personal purchase. You are not allowable to make any changes or modify our website without permit from our company to do so. Our website and its personal content cannot be copied, reproduced, sold or resold for any commercial purpose. In order to make any changes or actions you have to get a permission written from the director of the company.

You are not permitted to copy or download any account information for your personal benefits or features.

Integrity, Accuracy and Promptness of the website information:

Our company does not take a responsibility if the information on our website is not updated on time. Basically all the information mentioned on the website is provided only for the general purpose. It is your own risk to depend on the materials on the website. Generally the website can contain some historical information which might be not actual at the moment you read the website and we save our right for the company to update it at any suitable time. Our company does not take a responsibility for renovation and delivering notification to the certain customer. Our clients have an obligation to monitor every change by their self.

Descriptions and product pricing:

All the prices are given in the special pricing area. In order to check the prices, the customer has to visit this section on the website called “Pricing” or “Our prices”. The prices are retail and are given for one page; they are fixed and cannot be changed whenever. However, company develops certain discount policy and implied it in certain cases. For certain products price can be different that stated in our list. In such case we will contact you and prevent the possible misprice by informing you about additional cost or canceling the order.

We do not guarantee that description of the items or other content of our website is error-free, accurate, and complete enough. If an item which offered is not what is described, there is only your obligation to ask about revision. For this aim revision section should be reviewed accordingly.

Links & Framings:

You do not have a right for using any of the graphic information from the website either logo or any content given. You are not permitted to use any pictures and trademarks without the permission from the director of the company. Any kind of using our private information is strictly regulated and prohibited by our policy.

Our company does not take any responsibility for the actions of third parties if directly or indirectly, the quality, content, nature of other existing websites accessible by hyperlink from the website, or websites linking to our site. With the terms and conditions you agree that we do not take a responsibility for the availability of such third-part websites or resources, its content, any links contained such content, or any changes or updates to such content. You have your own risks by choosing such external sites.

Our warranties:

By placing an order with you withal confirm the familiarity with the information presented below:

-all the sources used in order to complete a work will be cited accordingly;

-all products are presented in styles of (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.).

-all the papers are done by the freelance writers. We ( the company) own all the works.

-by placing an order , you confirm a payment for the services we provide. Services include: performing, gathering, searching, correcting, editing, delivering materials.

- you do not have a permission to reproduce, modify, deliver , publish or create derivative works from the company`s products or copy any content from the website

-you confirm and agree about deleting all the purchased materials, once you receive them and complete your reference/research. Content of the works should not be used for any personal benefits, we do not allow you to do copies and make distribution of the works.


You are using this site on your personal risk. The website is provided by the company on an "as is" and "as available" basis. We save the right for our company to restrict or set a limit for your access to the site at any time due to valid reasons. We manifestly disclaims for any kind of warranties while express or implied, including not limited warranties and any warranties that materials on this site are noninfringing, as well as the warranties that implied from the course of performance or from the course of dealing. manifestly disclaims that the access to the website will be all time error–free or uninterrupted, that site will be secure, that the site and the server providing will be virus-free, as well that the information, given on the site will be completed timely or accurate. By downloading any material from this site, you perform it at your own risk. Only you as the party will be responsible for the damage made to your computer system or your computer data as the result from any kind of downloads from the website. We provide customers with the safe using of materials from this site, however in case of any damage done as the result from any performance, you will be the only party responsible for the results.

Corporate Intellectual Property Rights:

With this agreement You hereby acknowledge that all rights, titles and interests, including and not limited rights covered by the Intellectual Property Rights, belong to the site and You as the party will not purchase any right, title or interest to the site except as expressly mentioned in this agreement. You confirm that You do not do any modifications with the content of our website and as well, will not do any actions with the documentations, software in order to create the same service.


By purchasing from our website you confirm that You will not expose any information you obtain from us or/and from our clients or other representatives. All the information given is the property of the website only.

Your, our customers’ information is 100% private and the information is not shared with any of third parties. We confirm it with the following agreement.

Non-Assignment of Rights:

You rights for your personal account with us could not be given to any other person. We have a right to assign this Agreement to any person without notification and at any time.


The following agreement between you and us is reviewed to be in a progress after you enter the website, make an order with us or read website information for your personal needs. No abdication by any party of any violation of any provision shall be considered an abdication of any subsequent or prior violation of the same or any other provision.

Severability of Terms:

In case if any provision of the following Terms and Conditions, is considered invalid or unenforceable due to any judicial decree or decision, such provision will be deemed for applying only with the maximum extent allowed by the law. Terms and Conditions remainder should be valid realizable according to its meanings.

Email conditions:

You agree to receve email notifications and special proposal of our service

Payment details:

More Information on card details storing:

We are legally obligated to secure your consent to allow us to store your card details for future use. As per our policy, we cannot process your payment before you agree to such storing.

How long will card details be stored?

Card details will be stored for 400 days.