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Money-Back Guarantee: Prioritizing Your Trust

We are glad to claim that our cooperation with clients is smooth and mutually beneficial. As one of our priority tasks is providing topnotch and reliable services to each client of, our team tries our best to foresee any possible difficulties or problems of the interaction with the visitors of this site and prevent them from happening. That is why we have designed this customer-oriented Moneyback Policy, which is aimed at protecting both our clients’ and our company’s interests.

This guarantee is equally valid for every user of, regardless of the type of the order or any other specific features of client’s individual order process. At the same time, we accept the liability for considering every detail of such process to resolve each particular case in favor of a client. We ensure that our clients will get the text they order or be issued a decent refund.

Explanation of Our Pricing Policy

It is important to us to provide every visitor of with accurate and transparent information on how we set the prices for our services and products. The clear recognition of the main pricing issues adds to the convenience and reliability of our communication with clients and helps prevent misunderstandings of any kind. Please pay attention to the provisions below.

Price competitiveness

We guarantee that the prices a client can see on this website are competitive and fixed. It means that our prices reflect the high quality of the texts we produce and that our prices include a number of other services, provided to a client. These services are

  • round-the-clock consultation with the Support Department,
  • round-the-clock technical support of the users’ accounts,
  • compulsory editing of every text,
  • compulsory check for plagiarisms,
  • revision option valid within the first 10 days after the delivery.

We also claim that we do not set extra charges of any kind. However, we ask every user to keep in mind that we reserve the right to increase the price if the order category, selected by a client, does not correspond with the real complexity of the paper ordered. In this case the client will be notified in advance.

The main factors determining the price of an individual order

The total cost of each individual order depends on several factors. Yet, it is based on the price set for one page which contains 275 words, regardless of the citation style. The price for one page differs, depending on the academic level of a client. More details are available in the special Price Tables on the Pricing Page. Please note that the prices can be viewed in four currencies.

The factors that make the total cost of the order include:

  • the academic level (high school, college undergraduate (yrs. 1-2 and 3-4), master, and doctoral);
  • the writer’s category;
  • the number of pages and/or PowerPoint presentation slides (1 slide = 1/2 page price);
  • the deadline;
  • the choice of optional services (the full list of the additional options and their prices can be viewed in the free inquiry form or in the standard order form).

20% VAT Note

We ask the clients from the United Kingdom and countries of the European Union keep in mind that, according to the UK and EU tax regulations, they have to pay 20% VAT (value-added tax) along with the prices of their orders. VAT is added to the total automatically as soon as the client indicates the country of residence. The extra sum is rendered to the eligible authorities of the mentioned countries, so our company has no relation to it.

Refund Terms and Conditions on

The following regulations clarify when and how the client of our company can open a dispute concerning the moneyback issue. They also provide the clear information on the amounts of refund that the client can receive in a particular situation and on some other types of compensation.

Please read these regulations carefully and do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Client Support Department if you need any advice or more details concerning the possible resolution of your individual issue. Our specialists are always pleased to help you.

What does Moneyback Policy cover?

We ask every client to pay particular attention to the lists below. A dispute over one (or more) of the following issues can be opened within 10 days after the client receives a completed order from us and will be considered by our Quality Department managers. The resolution may take 5-10 business days.  

The Policy covers these issues:

  • an order is not received;
  • an order is received but delivered later than expected;
  • a writer is not found;
  • an order does not meet the requirements given in the order form;
  • there is valid evidence of plagiarism (an official Turnitin report or a report from a client’s educational institution);
  • one order is paid twice by mistake;
  • two similar orders are placed by mistake.

The Policy does not cover these issues:

  • the compensation for the additional services;
  • the claim of plagiarism without valid evidence;
  • the claim of the low quality of the paper without valid evidence of the writer’s mistakes;
  • lateness due to the lack of requested clarifications or materials.

More details of the refund procedure and amount, intended for each case, are provided below.

Delivery failure

This failure may occur due to several reasons. Our company ensures a different compensation for each of the cases.

  1. If the reason is a technical malfunction, which hinders the on-time delivery of the ordered paper, and if the lateness may have any reasonable negative consequences for you, the difference between the time you set and the time of the delivery will be the main factor for determining the amount of the refund.
  2. If the reason is writer’s own lateness, the same condition for compensation is valid.
  3. If the reason is writer’s or support manager’s lateness, caused by the lack of clarifications and/or materials that were promised by or requested from a client, a certain discount for this and/or the next order can be offered. Also, we reserve the right to reject a client’s refund request.

Please note that we may ask clients to extend the set deadline due to particularly complex requirements for the order. In case the client agrees to extend the deadline and approves our offer, the refund for the extension cannot be issued.  

Non-assignment of a writer

Due to some very specific order instructions given by a client, our managers may fail to find a suitable specialist. In this case we guarantee the 100% compensation. In order to help our clients to avoid such issues, we ask every visitor of our website to send us a free inquiry message, in which they have an opportunity to provide all necessary requirements for a potential order. Our support agents will consider each inquiry and respond as soon as possible. Also, a visitor can send us a chat message with these requirements or consult the support manager about them by phone.

Quality of a text

When the client is dissatisfied with the quality of the paper produced by our specialists, they should provide us with clear evidence of writer’s mistakes (the comments on the received paper can be sent as a revision request through the personal account or in a chat message), which will be considered by our Customer Support Department (CSD) and Quality Department managers. We may offer the client the following options:

  • the paper can be revised for free as many times as the client requires within 10 days after the delivery;
  • there may be a discount for the current order, so a part of the sum the client paid will be issued back;
  • if the mistakes are extremely serious, the writer may complete a new paper for free, following the initial instructions.

Please keep in mind that in case the delivery of the revised order is 30 minutes late (or more), client have the right to contact CSD and request a compensation. The manager offers an individual solution for each particular situation. In such case the refund makes up to 10-15% of the initial price of the order.  

Plagiarism issue

We can only consider an official Turnitin originality report or a report from your educational institution as the evidence of plagiarism of any kind in the texts our clients receive from us. Please note that no other documents can be accepted. If the client can give us some extra time, we can assign a new writer to complete a new paper in accordance with the initial specifications. If not, we guarantee the 100% compensation.

Technical inconveniences

If due to any technical malfunctions the client places two 100% similar orders or pays twice for a single order, the extra sum will be issued back as soon as the system detects the error. Please contact our CSD immediately if you are facing any of the mentioned situations. 

When and How Can the Order Be Cancelled?

If for some reasons the client wishes to cancel the order, we can issue all or a certain part of the money paid back. Please check on the following conditions:

  • 100% refund is provided if a writer is not found;
  • 50-70% refund is provided if the order is revoked before half of the time given has passed;
  • 50% refund is provided if the order is revoked after half of the time given has passed;
  • no refund can be possible if a writer has completed the order.

Please note! We consider that every visitor of our website, no matter whether they have ordered with us or not, agrees with these provisions. If for some reasons you do not accept them, we ask you not to use this online service. Thank you for understanding.