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Argumentative Report on Main Reasons Why School Shootings Occur

The problem of a school shooting has become very burning in the light of recent events and that is why we offer the topic a really good one for essay writing. This social issue has triggered a lot of strikes and protests because nowadays children do not feel safe at schools in their classrooms. The Internet has been deluged with victim interviews, psychologist’s comments and messages from celebrities – despite all this fuss, the solution to the problem hasn’t been found yet. Thus, in this argumentative report, let’s dwell on possible reasons why the problem of a school shooting has aggravated so much in the recent days. By the way, an original paper on the topic can be ordered from the professional writers who can do an essay for you, so feel free to do so in case you are in the need of a qualitative paper.

Child Crying

It’s not a secret that adolescence brings us such surprises as acne, isolated pimples, and hormone instability that results in a constant change of mood. Having this explosive cocktail of hormones inside every day leads to an aggressive behavior, perverted understanding of what is right and what is wrong and an increased number of conflicts with peers. Every person passed through this ordeal but only a small number of people did harm to other people and became dangerous for the society.

While searching for information for this argumentative report on reasons of a school shooting, I came across very interesting statistics. According to the conducted survey in the 1900s, there were 12 school shootings with 11 victims dead. In the 1960s, there were 16 school shootings with 39 students dead, and what do we have today? The latest investigations showed that in the period of 5 years from 2010 to 2015 more than 100 school shootings occurred with 101 deaths and the number is constantly increasing.

School Bullying as the Most Widespread Cause of Shooting

The statistic shows that often “killers” are bullied at school and they see their act of shooting as a fair revenge. Such a type of people makes a list of their offenders before taking a gun with them to school. With the development of modern technologies, bullying has evolved from a primitive face-to-face to the most sophisticated cyber-based variant. In that case, the offender is safe behind the screen of the computer and he or she can easily insult the victim online.

Severe Issues with Mental Health

This reason should be added to the argumentative report because a lot of parents do their best to conceal the fact that their child has mental problems. Usually, parents want their children to have an ordinary school life so that they can feel that they are 100% normal. The hazard of such a behavior is that a teacher may not be well-informed on how to behave with this particular child because, as a rule, such children are too vulnerable to criticism.

Lack of Gun Control in the Society

The USA is famous for its freedom when it comes to firearms due to its soft gun regulation. While writing this argumentative report, I was surprised by the fact that despite all the shootings, the gun regulation policies have not been changed yet. According to some rumors, the previous president Barack Obama had a plan with new laws concerning gun control but it is still “under consideration.”

Cult of Violence in Modern Films and Series

Nowadays, it has become impossible to imagine any movie without violent scenes. The Directors claim that such scenes increase the rating of a film and bring more spectators. The abundance of violence in media and entertainment industry mold a stereotype of a strong person who kills their enemies without regret in the name of justice. If a young child likes this type of character, he or she will try to look like their idol. This very point opens a wide field for research, so you may search for custom essays, therefore reviewing them later from the psychological and sociological points of view.

The Need of Getting Attention from Others

One more reason to write down in the argumentative report if you have homework on the suggested topic is the lack of attention. Every child wants to be the one, the most beautiful, popular, the cleverest and so on, and a child tries to get necessary attention and support from their parents. When the child doesn’t receive any outcome, he or she gets aggressive and want to receive parents’ and peers’ attention at any cost. All this hassle in the mass media fuels their self-esteem and gives them the sense of self-importance. That’s why it is vital for parents to underpin their child and give him or her enough love and affection.

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