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Five Things that Need to Change to Live Better for Students


If you study hard all week, devote all your time to extra-curricular activities, or work way too much, you will soon find that you are unhappy. Why is that? Students often forget to take care of themselves and how they live, just because a paper or a good grade is more important to them. What they do not realize, is that writing a good paper or studying for a test will be more efficient if they take care of themselves first and foremost. With a good mood, with self-confidence and with no distractions comes productivity, and finishing our task quickly and efficiently should be our top priority, as it allows us to focus on other things as well.

Anti-Procrastination Guide for Lazy Students: Write Your Paper Now

Sleeping Student

We get it, procrastination is a common stress for many students. Productivity flows out of you in gallons: you are doing everything at once.  The only thing neglected is the task you are supposed to do, the paper you are supposed to write, the thesis you are supposed to outline. Indeed, the house is clean, the cat is well-fed, you have picked up a new craft and there are no new tv shows to watch, because you have watched them all. Sounds familiar?

Have You Tried Not Getting Distracted While Writing a Thesis?

Getting Distracted

Our brain wasn`t made for multitasking. No matter what different “productivity coaches” will tell you, it`s still impossible for us to stay focused on more than one complicated mental activity. That`s why you should never ever talk on the phone while driving. Like ever. It`s not only about fines or jail time. It`s about your chance to continue living your life.

You`re Never Too Young to Write a Memoir Essay

Writing a Memoir

You have no idea what to write in your memoir essay, and that`s why you`re here. I get it, no worries, we`ve got your back. It`s just ridiculous that sometimes you get these tasks at the university. You`re in your early twenties, it`s not like you`re even an adult yet. And, nevertheless, you`ve got to write a story of your life. And you`re not in a boyband, after all. They constantly sing about stuff like this.