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Drinking As a Student: Yay or Nay?

Drinking Party

Everybody knows that alcohol is not good for your body. However, very few people realize the extent to which it can harm their organism. Therefore, many still continue drinking, despite all the negative repercussions associated with this dangerous hobby.

As a student you will most likely go to many drinking parties where you will get a chance to unwind after an exhaustive study session or a difficult test. There is nothing bad about taking a break once in a while. Nonetheless, you’ve got to be aware of the damage your body is bound to suffer.

So, in this article you will learn the truth about the effects of the alcohol and, thus, will be able to make an informed decision as to whether to consume it or not. Student life may be hard and full of stress, but is alcohol really the answer to all life problems?

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The Unfortunate Statistics

Did you know that only 18 % of the British people know that alcohol can cause breast cancer? 80 % are aware of the liver one, but in reality the other types of this deadly disease are more likely to be triggered by alcohol.

For instance, in Britain there are more than 3000 registered cases of breast cancer induced by alcohol, while there are only about 400 instances of the liver one. Upon the whole, alcohol can cause 7 types of cancers, but people only know that it damages the liver.

This is truly unfortunate, because as the Cancer Research UK maintains, if people were more informed in regards to the health risks, perhaps, they would be less encouraged to drink. At least they would be more careful about keeping up with the recommended amount which is 14 units per week.

The Results of Drinking

There are many consequences which stem from drinking, both long-term and short-term. Some of them are more obvious than others, and here I will try to cover all of them.

First of all, alcohol inhibits your control mechanisms. This one you probably experienced on yourself. Not only is a drunken person less capable of multitasking (or performing even a single task), they are also not able to think critically which makes them especially vulnerable. Such a person may be convinced to take drugs or make out with a stranger because alcohol makes it harder to say no. Even though the blame is always on the perpetrator, it hardly makes it easier to deal with the consequences. In addition, alcohol inhibits the areas of the pre-frontal cortex responsible for inhibiting aggression. Thus, you may end up hurting other people and destroying relationships.

Second of all, alcohol is detrimental to the functioning of your body. A drinking person has a constant desire to eat, as alcohol stimulates appetite. So, not only will you consume more food right before bed (as most people drink in the evening), but this food will be probably of the worst kind. If you go to a bar with your buddies, you would normally order some chips or other fast food alternative in addition to your drinks. As you probably know, this is not exactly the healthiest option. If you do it on a regular basis, you may end up gaining considerable weight.

Finally, alcohol is incredibly dangerous. Many people still assume that you need to consume at least a couple drinks to reach the limit. However, research proves that even one bottle seriously inhibits the ability to drive. The current BAC limit is 0.08 %, and if you have a low body mass just one drink is enough to hit it. What is worse, alcohol makes a person unjustifiably confident and more likely to commit a crime. Even if you avoid this all-too-common danger, the long-term health risks cannot be ignored. A person who drinks regularly may develop a Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome which damages one’s ability to form and retrieve memories.

The Measures to Take

If you are still not convinced that drinking in moderation is a must for a healthy lifestyle, here I will discuss some measures you can take to alleviate the effect on alcohol on your body and life overall.

First of all, prepare yourself for the drinking session. This takes a couple important steps. You will need to prepare water in advance because after you are drunk, you are not likely to remember. Maybe, you can even set reminders on your phone which would force you to drink a cup of water within certain time sections.

Remember – the more water and mass your body has the less drunk you will be in the end. Speaking about mass – unless you want to put on weight, you can increase your mass by going to the gym. It is always a good idea to do some training right before a drinking session. In addition to hitting the gym, you must also come to the bar as full as possible. This will prevent you from eating bar snacks which are not only less filling, but also terrible for your health.

Secondly, be smart in the process. Of course, it will be a hard piece of advice to follow when you are drinking and your senses are being inhibited, but it is still crucial to set some rules for yourself in advance. You will need to know your limit, so that you are less likely to overstep the boundaries when the time comes. There are many online drink calculators where you can establish how much you can consume within one hour without losing your mind. On average a human body can process one unit (10 milliliters) of alcohol, but it varies depending on a person.

It is important not to fall victim to some common stereotypes which may drive you to drink more than you should. For instance, many believe that the darker the liquid – the more alcohol it contains, which is not always the case. Mixing beer and liquor is also not a magical solution which will make you less drunk as a result. However, the two most dangerous stereotypes are related to coffee and alcohol tolerance. While people who have higher alcohol tolerance or who have some coffee after the alcoholic beverages will feel less drunk, they are not less drunk in reality. It’s just an illusion which can lead to disastrous consequences.

Finally, you should take care of yourself after the drinking session. If you feel like you overstepped, do not just go to bed thinking you can sleep it off. The thing is that while you are sleeping, your body is still processing the alcohol. Thus, you may end up vomiting and suffocating in your vomit, or even having a seizure. Make sure you have a responsible friend watching you after you drank way too much. In the morning take some hangover measures such as borage pills or a fry-up. These will help you recover faster and return to your normal self.


Many people are still determined to find health benefits in drinking, so that they can justify their harmful habit. However, those benefits always turn out to be too measly to justify the collateral damage.

It is true that red wine can dilute blood vessels and prevent some heart diseases. However, the same effect can be derived from dark chocolate or nuts, which do not have the dangers associated with alcohol.

You may have fun at a drinking party, but you must always remember – if you are young, it does not mean you are invincible. All that alcohol will affect you sooner or later – but why wait for the disaster to come? Some moderation and preventive measures can preclude it from happening.

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