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Five Things that Need to Change to Live Better for Students


If you study hard all week, devote all your time to extra-curricular activities, or work way too much, you will soon find that you are unhappy. Why is that? Students often forget to take care of themselves and how they live, just because a paper or a good grade is more important to them. What they do not realize, is that writing a good paper or studying for a test will be more efficient if they take care of themselves first and foremost. With a good mood, with self-confidence and with no distractions comes productivity, and finishing our task quickly and efficiently should be our top priority, as it allows us to focus on other things as well. If you are too swamped, you can always order your paper here. This article will tell you what five things you can fix to change your life, as well as your studying process, for the better.


It is often said that your living space reflects your personality. Sure, you may feel like you cannot do much if you are living in a dorm with a roommate, or if you are renting a cheap apartment. However, there is always something that can be improved even with the limited resources that you have. If you have too much things that you do not need, you should just get rid of them.

Make sure to have a place where you can relax fully. Decorate your wall to make it personalized and boost your mood, but do not exaggerate, as too many details will make you lose focus. Clean a little bit, but thoroughly. Rethink the space usage: store the winter clothes, the textbooks that you do not need for the semester, the heavy burly objects under your bed. Think about the space where you study: is there enough light? Make sure to open the window for a breath of fresh air at least twice a day. You will see how much the fresh air and only useful things on your desk will do wonders to your life.



Some people are skeptical about clothes. Sure, what matters is on the inside, so why should you care so much about appearance? First of all, the way others see you will define what they think about you. That, in turn, may make you lose self-esteem and influence the way you think about yourself. Do you want to appear untidy, uncoordinated or even lazy?

You do not have to follow the trends or change your wardrobe completely. Think about the outfits that bring out the best in you, what you feel comfortable wearing, what makes you feel confident. Try experimenting with a few easy details at first. What if you added new glasses, a hat, or a scarf? It may seem unnecessary, but you will see how much more confident you will feel when you think that you are beautiful and believe in yourself, and this can be achieved through the right wardrobe.

Ask a friend to give you a makeover, or take you shopping. After you feel confident enough, your mood and grades will improve instantaneously. If you are not sure what clothes suit you best, consider your body type and the clothes that suit it. There are resources on the internet just like this one to help you out.


Something that we often neglect caring about, and yet what is the most important part that makes who we are, is our body. It is not a secret that after a visit to the barber shop or the beauty salon everyone feels a little bit better. They feel refreshed, clean, more beautiful. Even if you do feel beautiful, and that is what matters the most, you still can get a haircut, a nail job, a nice pedicure or a massage.

If you feel like you do not have time to do that, take care of your body in other ways – meditate and relax with a small yoga practice before bed, do a quick workout or even just stretching in the morning, relax your eyes when working long hours on an assignment or behind a computer.Your body will be thankful for it, and it will improve its performance, making you more resistant to stress and more focused on your learning.


Healthy Food

Food is the fuel that contributes to our bodies and minds. Fast food may feel like the best option sometimes, but do not prioritize it. Even though diets should be strictly personal and tailored to a person’s unique needs, you can always cut down on sugar and unhealthy food, and get a little bit more nuts, fruits and vegetables in your meals.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water, as it hydrates you and cleans your organs from the inside. There’s a million recipes online which are quick and easy, and perfect for students who are in a hurry. Take more interest in what you eat, and you will see how much it changes your performance in the classroom.

Mental Health

If you feel stressed, self-conscious, sad, uneasy, anxious, worthless and so on, there may be walls inside of you that prevent you from giving your all and living your happiest life. Even though it might be hard to do without a professionally trained psychologist or just someone who has a different perspective on your life, but you have to change the way you think about yourself.

You are not worthless, and the things that make you sad, stressed or anxious can be fixed, or at least, you can learn to treat them differently and live more easily. This way, if you are very worried about an assignment, and would have spent hours just wondering how to do it right, with a new mental state you might finish it quicker and actually learn something useful from it at a much smaller cost. Believe in yourself, treat yourself right, and your life will improve in all its facets!

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