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Vegetarian Food as a Point at Issue: Pros and Cons

Phenomenon of Vegetarianism

Nowadays vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular all around the world. Somebody drops eating meat like a hot potato because of the thought of poor animals, somebody does that way taking care of their health or because of the desire to jump to a higher spirit range and somebody just wants to be in the trend. In the addition, a lot of people quote the authorities of both famous people of the past who were at the bottom of this lifestyle (e.g. Pi–fagor, Plato, da Vi–nchi–, Shakespeare, Newton, Van Gogh, Einstein etc.) and modern celebrities who have been ardent vegetarians for years (Pamela Anderson, Bridzhit Bordo, Cameron Di–az, Jude Law, Richard Gi–r, Katy Holmes, Demi– Moore and lots of others). As we can see, the reasons for joining this tendency are various and, though vegetarians themselves claim that the idea is more about the outlook, so called «mental food», nevertheless, talking about their nutrition system (mostly plant food) is more to the point. So, what are the real fors and againsts of eating vegetarian food?

The Pros for Being Vegetarian: Positive Aspects

On the one hand, arguments «for» are pretty numerous. Firstly, plant food is low in fats and, as a result, in calories as well, so it can perfectly help get rid of obesity for ever. Also, it is high in carbohydrates so it is an excellent energetic source. Besides, the preparation of this food requires far less so much unhealthy salt. Secondly, eating lots of fruit and vegetables rich in essential vitamins and microelements (for example, calcium, magnesium) helps the organism to get rid of different toxins and to normalize metabolism (but cannot we as well include lots of fruit and vegetables just in our daily nutrition?). Thirdly, plant nutrition prevents the wide range of illnesses such as heart attack, atherosclerosis, kidney-stones, hypertension, gastrointestinal tract disorders etc. by tabooing fat food high in cholesterol. Also, often meat is processed with nitrates and nitrites, which are definitely dangerous for people. Moreover, vegetarians are convinced that refusing meat eating leads not only to inner serenity and health but also to a higher spirit range. Generally, positive aspects of eating vegetarian food are about stronger immunity, far less possibility of cancer, far more hardiness and fast recreation and much improved complexion.

The Cons for Being Vegetarian: Dark Prospects

On the other hand, though the previous statements seem to be quite convincing (do not they?), indeed, there are also serious disadvantages of the matter so the reverse of the medal still exists. First of all, vegetarians more often suffer from ocular diseases, thyroid gland and menstrual cycle disorders. The last can even result in infertility for women. Secondly, eating more than needed fruit and vegetables can do harm to your health because they are rich in cellulose which blocks normal protein digestion. Also, eating vegetarian food leads to different kinds of shortage – iron’s, amino acids’, vitamins’. Besides, the vegetarian menu is absolutely unacceptable for children, teenagers, pregnant women, sportsmen. Still, there are some ways to minimize lots of the negative aspects: to ask a doctor for making the most harmless vegetarian diet specially for you, because making the one on your own can be really dangerous, etc.

Well-Informed and Responsible Vegetarianism

Self-Contradictory System

It should be mentioned in conclusion that like any other self-contradictory system the vegetarian nutrition has both advantages and disadvantages. So, you should not make hasty decisions. On the contrary, it is important to take into consideration all the arguments – for and against – and just be sensible and mature enough. All in all, making a decision to be vegetarian and to eat vegetarian food definitely means to be well-informed about all the pros and cons of the matter and to be absolutely responsible for your lifestyle.

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