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I Have Romantic Relationship with My Professor! – Is It Bad?

The Professor

Love happens when you least expect it,” said one outstanding writer. And it is true. We can have in mind an image of our perfect partner with all set of characteristics and trades, however, we fall in love usually in completely different counterparts.

Or it can happen that the society tells us since childhood what is good and what is bad not allowing to decide by ourselves. Nonetheless, love cannot be regulated or forced up. That is why there are so many books, articles, and scientific researches regarding forbidden love. In this article, we would slightly touch this subject discussing the possibility and rectitude of romantic relationship between a professor and a student.

Social Perception

It is a common fact that our society is cruel and ruthless when it goes about happiness of someone. It is far easier to shoot down in flames the people in love than to try to understand them. It goes from the idea with which the society can be characterized, “Everything I cannot understand I will criticize.” However, not all accusations in respect to student-professor relationship are groundless.

There are many happy couples as well as short shelf life intrigues ended with nothing good. Nonetheless, the society has decided to secure itself, stigmatizing all such couples as wrong-doers. In such a way, the student-professor relationship is not illegal on a country level, but socially unacceptable and can be forbidden by the college policy.

Whatever manifestations, love will be always painted in the bright colors. A social opinion must be the last thing two souls in love should consider. There were enough examples in history and literature showing how people prioritized crowd’s cries over their feelings.

Action Plan

Man and Girl Sitting Apart
  1. Make sure this is a real love, neither passion nor love addiction as far as love can be easily confused with those two variants. If you can say for sure that you have this “big and clear feeling” and what is important you can leave the beloved person, if it is needed, then pass to the point two.
  2. Clarify for yourself all the consequences possible in the case if your strange relationship will be continued. There are many factors that can play a crucial role, for example, such as the following:
    • Family status of your partner (professor) and even your own. If the professor has a family, children that he would leave… so, from the moral point of view, it is better to be first to step aside. (If it is hard, then just imagine that another woman and children and her moral condition).
    • Is there a chance that you will have a cherishing, commonly conscious relationship with your educator? Beyond any doubt. In any case, it will be not a smart thought to accept that it will play out that way. Would you truly like to hazard having your marks in the hands of an angry ex?
    • Think about career of your both. His/her one can be ruined through just one uncareful gossip of your friend or professor’s colleague.
  3. Make final decision along with your partner. It must be mutual as far as his/her feelings are either important. The fact is that a professor is more mature than you and can better cope with different life commotions.

To conclude, take your time and give it a second thought to decide if your professor is a person to risk with your future.

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