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4 Habits Hurting Your Productivity

…and how to get rid of them.

Students often even can’t notice how some of their habits destroy their lives. Being disorganized, willing to complete all tasks at once and daring to answer messages instantly can harm your productiveness seriously.

  • 1. Writing Messages Every 5 Minutes

    Messages Hurt Productivity

    People averagely spend 4 hours a day doing something in their smartphones, and they send nearly 85 messages during that time. Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? Every time you answer the message, you get distracted and hurt your productivity.

    What to Do

    Turn off smartphone notifications about new messages in order not to get distracted in every 5 minutes. Or try not to check your phone for some determined period of time (an hour, for example). This is how you will be less distracted from your ongoing task.

  • 2. Saying "Yes" Often

    If to agree on everything and to start doing multiple tasks simultaneously, you won’t do a thing with a proper quality. That will be the reason why you won’t have time to do a really interesting task when it appears.

    What to Do

    Don’t run to say “yes” once you get an offer to start a new project.

    Think how it will inflict your long-term and short-term goals. It is better to refuse or postpone any new task if it won’t allow you to complete previous ones. That is how your studying success will be safe.

  • 3. Disorganized Tasks

    Of course, it is much more pleasant to think that a chaos on your workplace is a sign of you being a genius. Actually, it decreases your productivity, as you need to switch from one thing to another all the time, and to remind yourself where you stopped recently.

    What to Do

    Complete physical and digital cleaning.

    Think how you plan your tasks and how you track your progress on them. Try using project management instruments, and apps for creating notes and lists. See all your tasks and plan them according to their priority.

  • 4. Living Without a Schedule

    Mail, sudden students’ conferences and other unplanned tasks take lots of time. Of course, there are tasks you can’t avoid at any case. But if to control tasks that can be controlled, you can make your studying process much easier and stop being nervous.

    What to Do

    Try spending a half of an hour in the evening to plan the next day. Check your email box, create a task-list, mark necessary meetings in your calendar. If you don’t want to do that on a daily basis, devote some time on Sunday and plan for a week in advance. This is how you can know where your time goes. And if something unexpected happens, you’ll be able to know what tasks can be shifted.

    Remember: whatever stops you, the first point is to realize the need of changes. This will be your first step towards productivity. Take this step. 

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