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Dream Sweet Dream

A Person Sleeping

It was calculated that we spend 24 years of our life sleeping. Impressing, right? That is why it is not only interesting but also very helpful to know how to do it in order to benefit the most. A good sleep in an essential rule for each student, as it helps feel better during a day. That is why we decided to open up this topic again.

Myth About Sleep

Lots of people have never really thought about how to sleep right. If you ask your close friends you may hear quite a common answer: from 8 to 9 hours, but is that really needed? Research shows that students need a 7 hours rest per day. It is not easy to get used to such a mode because even if you set your alarm clock and wake up, there is a huge risk that you will have a nap for another 2 hours.

Why? Because our body already got used to some mode and it is going to be hard to change it. The same situation will face those who rest for 4-5 hours per day. We should say that both modes are not really healthy for our bodies. Try not going to bed over 7 hours.

Advantages of 7 Hour Sleep

Researcher Daniel Kripke came to a conclusion that resting for 6,5-7,5 hours can make you live longer. The interesting thing to mention is that if you are going to stay in a bed for 8-9 hours per day you are going to feel worse than those people who do not sleep much during the night. That proves that being dormant over the needed norm is harmful to your health. So if you wake up and feel sick or exhausted maybe you slept more than you needed, although lots of people tend to think they need more hours. This problem can be tricky sometimes.

A Small Secret

Have you ever set up your alarm clock, let us say, for 7 A.M. but after switching it off you could not get out of your bed for an hour? There is a small secret that will help you get out of your bed. Try to create a plan for that certain time. For example, 7 A.M. till 8 A.M.: taking a shower and cooking breakfast. If you know that you have to do something in that certain time you will wake up immediately or at least faster.

Tips for a Good Sleep

Tip # 1 Napping. The main rule here is that you never should nap more than 20-30 minutes. You can nap several times during a day or during breaks at college. 

Tip # 2 Create a “ritual” before going to bed. It can be anything you like to do that would prepare your body for the night. Drinking hot herbal tea, for example.

Interesting Fact

Research shows that women need to have a rest longer than men (20-30 min.) because their brain is built in more complicated way. 

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