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Time Management

Time Management

We often hear phrases like “I need 48 hours in a day for all this stuff to deal with” or “I cannot be successful, I do not have the time.” In fact, this problem is not about your amount of time. Only the planning of your day matters. If we read biographies of some successful people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, we will notice many things that they had in common. We turned these useful things into great tips for the planning of your time. Just do it!

Begin Your Day in the Best Way

Firstly, you can get up early and have a few extra hours for you and your plans. Obviously, the way you will spend your day depends on the way you begin it. Some light working out and a tasty healthy breakfast would be the best things for it. While drinking your morning coffee or tea, you can take your diary (or use an app on your phone) and write down items that you should do urgently. By the way, try writing down all the things that you have to do during the day, and you will not forget about anything important. After that, write down the time that you need for doing all this stuff. Do not forget to leave some time for rest and any unexpected situations.

Work at Your Work Time


This phrase sounds strange, but how many times while studying you were watching photos in Instagram or doing some other distracting things? Everyone has done it at least once. Here is a way to never do it again, it is called the “Pomodoro Technique.” It is a time management method. According to it, you break down work into intervals, as a rule 25 minutes, separated by 5-minute breaks. After four pomodoros (working intervals) you can take a 15-30-minute break. The main thing is that you cannot do something else except work each 25-minute period. You can download the app on your phone called Pomodoro timer that uses this technique. Another useful app for you is Self Control; using this you can block a few apps on your phone, as social networks, and they will not be able to distract you.

Plan More – Do More

As a rule, the more you plan, the better result you will get. Often when we have a lot of free time we do not use it well. Without a good plan, you could find yourself in the evening watching YouTube videos without anything done (admit that it happens). Having a To-Do list helps you remember your goals and dreams, and at the end of the day, you can be proud of yourself. Remember, one small step now means big success in the future.

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