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How to Submit a Perfect Essay with Less Effort Spent

Student Writing

Each student at least once in his life needed to write an essay, and not just any essay, but a nice one. Actually, we do not think of it as a difficult task, but when it comes to grades, not for every essay we get an A". Why is that? What do we do wrong? We will try to answer this question and suggest a certain formula, which will have a nicely written essay as a result.

Concentrate and Analyze

From my own experience I can say that a lot of times after receiving the topic of the essay and looking through it briefly, I could think "Oh, that's easy, I'll write it in no time" frequently overlooking some ideas hidden in the topic. This would absolutely lead me to making the wrong conclusions and getting a lower grade. Even though the essay is great, if it does not reflect the main ideas, there is no way it is going to be appreciated. Thus, before writing a word, make it clear that you are well-conversant with the topic and know what you deal with.

Be a Detective: Do a Research

Now, after having studied the topic, you can start writing. If the topic touches upon some book or a poem, check what points you need to highlight in your essay regarding this work. It can be friendship, war, family or a romantic subplot. You can also support your thoughts with citations. This will add profoundness to your essay and will show that you were working hard. If you have to describe your own views concerning any event that has recently happened in the world, try to think over the information you already have first before putting it on paper.

Put Your Thoughts in Order

To not miss anything important in your essay and to cover all the vital points, make a plan. You are lucky if your professor suggests to you the plan for your essay, in this case, you just need to study it and make sure to follow it carefully. If you do not have it, it is better to make the plan yourself. It will aid in organizing your thoughts and structure your text in the best possible way.

A Plan

Be Logical

After making a plan and starting to write, do not forget to meet the structural demands of an essay. So, there are a distinct beginning, the main part, and conclusions. It will be easy to divide your essay into the main parts if you have prepared an outline. After having made the plan and identifying all the main points, make sure to stick to them and describe them all in the right order.

Read the Essay One More Time

Also, after having accomplished the essay, take some time to check it and even double-check it. We all are humans and can make some grammar and lexical mistakes, or even omit some words. Of course, if you can type your essay and print it out, it would be easier for you to avoid mistakes, but still, who knows what can happen. Try to avoid at any cost all ambiguous word combinations and long sentences, which can mislead and confuse the reader, try to make them short and clear.

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