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Leadership Qualities Essay

Person Talking

It can be said without exaggeration that being a leader is challenging and not everyone benefits from this. It is not only about power and authority but also a great responsibility and sobriety. He or she has to be ready to meet face-to-face with various obstacles and be able to overcome it. So, the true pacemaker should have certain qualities in order to influence other people and attract them.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

First of all, a true leader has to be honest with himself and with ones who surround him. Nobody likes two-tongued people and hypocrites. Secondly, here comes reliability: the leader is someone who is able to support others and whom they can fully believe. It is a person who can lead accomplices and become an example to follow.

Having a Goal

The leader should clearly understand his purpose to be able to lead other people. He also should be motivated and aware of all risks. This person has to take the initiative and inspire others to support it.


To be a great leader, you definitely have to communicate with people, urge and influence them. Moreover, the atmosphere of good-fellowship will make them ready to follow you and your statements. In short, if you want to become a true leader, you should be able to organize and motivate your team, make everyone be aware of their duties and coordinate the actions.

Enthusiasm and Interest

A leader is a person who is truly interested in a certain subject, because without that, he or she will not be able to build a strong and reasoned team. That concernment in certain things not only gives an experience and awareness but also the ability to see perspectives of his team working. We can even say that the leader has to be dedicated to his matter.


Maybe, it is one of the most important leadership qualities. A person who is considered to be a leader should support followers and teammates, even if something goes wrong. That way, he can get love and respect of the others. People like when somebody who leads them cares about their interests too. It plays a great role if leader thanks and rewards the teammates; it shows that the person is not selfish one.

Clean Look

As a leader, a person should be able to see real the lie of the land. It is bad when one deludes himself with a false view, but it`s much worse when he deludes others. The task of the leader is to see the picture clearly, and if it is not as well as was expected that the person has to head people to solve all the issues.


It is never too late to improve yourself, and it also matters regarding the leadership. The leader should never stop developing his personal qualities and himself, both physically and mentally. Furthermore, this can be a great example for the others.

Person Surrounded


The leader has to be brave and spirited. Failures and problems shouldn`t scare him. That kind of person is able to defend his opinion even he is in the minority. The task of the pacer is making complicated decisions in the most contradictory situations.

To sum up, we can say that even if you have some of these qualities, you need to develop and improve them. Don`t forget that leadership doesn`t consist only of privileges; there are many situations when the leader takes the brunt.

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