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Teamwork Inspiration

Working in Team

We all live in a society and we cannot be separated from others, unless we are trapped on a deserted island. People are doing their best in order to communicate effectively with each other but some of them are afraid to express themselves. The ability to work in team helps in different lifetime situations; it helps a lot to be confident about yourself and your opinions. So, what qualities do we need to obtain in order to work and study or work effectively shoulder to shoulder?

Quality # 1 Listening

You cannot understand another person without listening them out. Actually, the biggest problem of the society is that we forgot how to hear each other. We can often think about our problems and concentrate on ourselves, but if you want to be loved and respected by your colleagues or peers you should master the art of listening.

Quality # 2 Openness

You should not be afraid to ask your opponent about his experience or opinion. Try to be opened for new meetings and small talks all the time. Every person is unique and you will need to spend some quality time in order to know each other better. You should also easily accept new ideas, even if they contradict your own ones.

Quality # 3 Support

People in one team should help each other out with advices and be ready to support despite the circumstances. Don’t forget that you are collaborators and not opponents. So, if someone is asking you to help or share your ideas, do it!

Quality # 4 Confident Speech

This quality might seem easy when we talk to our friends, but it’s different with teamwork. When expressing your own point of view, speak clearly and make sure you are not concentrating on one thing for too long; otherwise the students might find you boring. Also, make sure you are not switching from one idea to another, because others might lose the track of your thoughts. Another important thing is to speak confidently. Students need to learn how to express their own ideas freely and how to react on negative feedback.

Quality # 5 Respect

It’s not a piece of cake to work in a team whose members don’t respect each other. Interruption is the main sign of disrespect. Even if you disagree with your partner’s opinion, at least let him finish all his thoughts before saying something negative. In the opposite case other members of the group might disrespect you as well. While proving your point of view try to sound confident but polite. Care about giving each other constructive feedback.

Quality # 6 Knowing of Roles

Often each member of a team has their own role. For example, if you were summarizer, your main task would be to listen to all the ideas and to make a general conclusion. You can be the idea-generator, so your responsibilities would be to think about new solutions and to be original. If you are a recorder, make sure you wrote down all the necessary data.

Teamwork might seem hard for you at the beginning, but as soon as you try you will know your strong and weak points. Besides, you can become a team leader and inspire others to dream and work hard.

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