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Superstitious Students from All Over the World

Here you can find out some curious and hilarious information about students' traditions all over the world which will change your outlook and bring some crazy ideas into your life!

The Primal Scream

Yelling Students

Thanks to this popular university ritual, every student can relieve stress shouting out of their hostel windows. It lasts for about ten minutes and helps to free themselves from bad emotions before their exams. The students adore this tradition while the citizens that live nearby cannot understand this strange yelling that impedes them to sleep.

The Burning of Ribbons

The tradition of the Portuguese city Coimbra is a legendary one. This tradition deals with the burning of ribbons. Students burn wide colorful sashes in special traditional pots. This procedure symbolizes the end of their student’s life.

The Dressing of a Monument

The attenders of the University of Wroclaw, which is in Poland, have an interesting tradition: they put the silly clothes on the swordsman monument which is located in front of their university on the night before their graduation ceremony. But the main students’ holiday is Juvenal. It is a little bit weird, but they start celebrating their session before they pass it. Every year, at the end of May, the Polish mayors give students the keys to the cities for a week, and those start having a ball. Juvenal begins with Korowoda - a huge students’ parade, which ends at the Central Square. Then, they have concerts, discos, drinking. After a week of such folly, they begin to pass their exams.

The Ukrainian “Haliava”

The Ukrainian students have a funny tradition when they call “Haliava” before their exams. At midnight you have to open your window and your report card and scream out loud “Haliava come.” This means that you’ll be lucky and get a good mark on the exams. If there will be a very challenging and important test, you can run out in the middle of the street and shout the word “Shara.”

Liza Goose-Girl

There are a lot of students’ holidays and traditions in Germany which are confined to getting drunk. But there is also a tradition which can surprise you. For example, next to the University of Goethe, there lives the most kissed girl in the world –the Goose – Girl Liza. This statue was put in the town hall square by the local authorities in the 19th century. Then, this statue began attracting students very quickly. As a result, the rite of passage came down to the fact that the newcomers kissed the statue. Lisa could not stand such a mass courtship and began to collapse. Because of this, in the eighties, these kisses became to be paid. Police fine the zealous students, but such measures haven’t actually decreased the flow of the loving students.

The Equator

The equator in the Russian student's environment is the middle of the studies(usually this holiday is celebrated after the winter session of the third year). No one knows how to celebrate this students’ holiday, so there are not any strict rules. The only required attribute of the equator in all universities is "a feast for the whole world" with lots of alcohol. Note that if the initiation is celebrated due to the university level, the equator is often celebrated within a group or a faculty. As a result, the students from the one university, in small groups "scatter" in all directions, and paint the city red to the extent of their imagination and financial possibilities. Since this holiday usually falls in the cold time of the year, the most popular ways of celebration among the students’ fraternity are the banal gatherings in the halls of their hostels or staying at the recreation centers.

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