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How to Improve Relationships with Roommates?

Roommates in Dorm

Relationships with roommates in a dorm play a great role in your college life: they influence your mood, the quality of studying, life conditions and so on. It is well-known that negative attitude of your neighbors may ruin your happiness and well-being. Moreover, the marks will get worse: it is quite hard to write a college essay when someone near you too loudly. So, it is much better to build friendly relationships with them. However, it sometimes not as easy as it sounds. A young person lives with students, which have a different temper, interests, religion and so on. It means that to all of them it is necessary to find a unique approach. Below there are several tips, which explain how to improve relationships with roommates.


Keep in mind, that without respect it will be impossible to have good relationships with roommates. This should be the core of your attitude. Take their interests and demands into account and it will be easier to find a common ground. It is okay if you do not like one of your roommates because of their temper or some other things. However, you have to respect him as well.


It is a pretty good idea to hold a special conversation every week, for example. You will get the possibility to explain the things which you do not like in one’s behavior and avoid conflicts. If your roommate is too loud when you write a college essay, you can tell him about this issue. That way your relationship will stay clear and honest.


Of course, it is a complicated issue in a dorm. Anyway, respect your roommates’ privacy and do not be an annoying person. Remember, that it is a bad idea to ask them to lend you some personal things. In addition, you should not invite your friends to chat in a common room at any time you want. It may disturb your neighbors. You can establish some rules about this issue as well.

Be Open

Roommates Communicating

As we mentioned before, all of your roommates have a different temper and mentality, so, some things may seem strange to you. However, it is not a reason to criticize someone, be tolerant and try to understand your neighbors. Open yourself to new things: your new roommates may be interesting and change your whole life.

Calendar of Duties

Dividing responsibilities and duties is always a topic for discussion in a dorm room. Someone may be just too lazy and try to trick their neighbors in order to avoid housework. Creating a specific calendar means that there will be no conflicts on that ground. Everybody will be aware of dates for performing certain duties. Moreover, you can put down some important events into the calendar as well.

Clean Your Room

To improve your life conditions and avoid many illnesses, it is enough to clean your room regularly. Establish strict rules to keep your place tidy. You have to understand that this is your home for several years. Do not be shy to remind your roommate about it. You can organize a group cleaning as well.

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