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Staying Fit In College: Secret Exercises

Gym Class

With all the stress accumulating during your learning, you might not have free time or strength to workout. Partying and sleepless nights, fast food and lack of money can also be causes for your body to lose shape. College may be a hard blow to your physical aspect, but you can lay out a strong defense with these clever ways to exercise like a ninja.

Workout Before Class

It might seem like an idea that you would want to discard immediately, but think about it again. There are quite a few advantages of going for an early morning run or completing a workout routine before class. First of all, if you are conscious of your weight or the way your body looks, no one will be around to judge you, and you can exercise in peace and tranquility. Secondly, if you are worried that you will be too exhausted to wake up so early, think about how beneficial it will be when you are dead tired by the end of the day and will have to head to bed early. This will make you avoid spending another sleepless night and being tired the next day to even go to class. Thirdly, coming to class refreshed from your workout will make your brain sharper and will lead you to concentrate more on the lecture. Just remember to eat and drink accordingly!

Workout During Class

You may have noticed that during long flights or tiring lectures, your legs, spine and glutes, from being restricted to a single position for a considerable time, may start to hurt or turn numb. In order to avoid such a situation, make sure to stretch whenever you feel like it, especially your arms and spine. As for your legs and backside, you can practice an exercise of squeezing your muscles every minute or so. Become conscious of your numb muscles and squeeze them quickly a few times every half an hour or so. Not only no one will notice you do it, but also you will feel much better at the end of the lesson.

Ninja Exercise

Extra Tips

Sadly, not only exercise or lack of it influences how we look and how our body feels, but also, in great part, what we eat and drink. During college you may be invited to multiple parties, and while it is important to mingle and make friends, it would be immensely better for your body to avoid giving in to the temptation of eating an extra slice of pizza too late at night. Another thing to consider is alcohol, which is often forgotten as one of the main sources of gaining weight during the first month of college. Other tips to stay healthy may include developing the habits of always taking the stairs, walking to class around the campus on your two feet or on a bicycle, joining sport clubs.

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