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Highly Effective People: Develop the Necessary Habits

Effective Worker

Time is running faster and faster. If you want to make your life better, try to change yourself. Here you have some pieces of advice which can help you to make changes.

Be Proactive

You will not be able to find this word in any dictionary. It has the strong connection with responsibility. So, being proactive concerns with the ability to choose the response. You are in the middle of two circles: the circle of influence and the circle of concern. The first circle includes your mood, your health, your skills, your job, your earnings and your time for relaxation. You can change these. The second circle includes the weather, politics, economics, traffic, weaknesses of other people and other things you cannot influence. If you work in the circle of influence, you are proactive. When you make a mistake, do not be angry, just admit it, correct it and learn from it. Work on yourself.

Try First to Listen Then to Response

If you have a conversation, try to listen to your companion. You probably think, that it is so easy and you do it every time. That is good, but try to think of what you have been told before making a response. After understanding each other, we discover the possibilities of creative solutions. It will help you to communicate with any person and you will be understood too.

The Power of Independent Will

You have to remember the rules of personal management. All of your tasks should better be divided based on two man categories: urgent and important. First of all, you have to deal with urgent and important things in the shortest period. Important, but not urgent activities have to be the main part of your life. You should try to delegate urgent, but unimportant things. You will accomplish them, but in time or with help of other people. Furthermore, you have to refuse working on the unimportant and non-urgent things, as this will save your time and energy. Another useful habit is to start weekly planning.


You have to imagine the problem from the point of view of another individual. You have to define the key issues of the problem. Then you should try to find methods, which provide acceptable solution of the problem. It will help you to discover benefit in any situation. In this way, you will find brand-new activities and ways to reach your goal.

You Have to Develop Your Own Unique Destination

Personal Way

It helps you to reach the greatest results. First of all, you should determine, what you want to be. Then you should define what you want to do. The last, but not the least, you have to describe your own values and principles. If you deal with these problems, try to visualize all, that you have determined. You will understand yourself better and the steps you take will be in right direction.

Use The Power of Synergy

Synergy is the combination of all of your habits. Synergy can arise, when you have difficult tasks, mutual motivation concerning on “win-win” strategy, emphatic communication and you do not have any competitive relationships. In this way, you should realize that you have the limited perception and the insufficient experience. Improve your strengths and compensate your weaknesses. You also should remember about differences and appreciate them. It will help you find alternative solutions in any situation.

Balanced Self-Renewal


When you are concerned on making yourself better, you have to care about self-renewal. Your sources consist of four dimensions. They have: physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional nature. You have to recharge your batteries regularly and consistently in wise and balanced ways. Sufficient relaxation will help to reach your goals faster and easier.

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