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Read in Spanish, Write in Spanish

Spanish Courses Students

Spanish is one of the most spread languages all around the world. If you cannot help adoring this melodic language, think about taking a course at a language school in Spain. Not only will you learn how to speak and write, but get a number of other benefits. Back when I was a student, I remembered that being a student is not only about essay writing, so this time has brought me a lot of benefits.

New Friends

Spanish speakers are known by their hot temper, big kind hearts, and hospitality. Just in a couple of hours, a guest in Spain will feel as at home. So, making friends is never an issue. Moreover, people in such an atmosphere tend to be infected with local vibes and become more open and friendly. A language school is a center of a multicultural, vivid, fun and smart society, where apart from new friends you will get skills of reading, writing and speaking this beautiful language.

Culture and Traditions

As it has been mentioned, Spain has a rich culture with numerous traditions and customs. The craziest holiday of each year is probably La Tomatina. It takes place in Valencia every year on the last Wednesday of August. At the peak of the tomato harvest, thousands of people come to this festival and throw ripe tomatoes at each other. Rivers of tomato juice pour down the streets. After the tomato war ends, everyone gathers on the main square of the city for a holiday with food and wine. Another tradition suits to single girls. On May 15, single women in Madrid rush to the chapel of Ermita de San Isidro, where they itch fingers with pins. It is believed that this will help to meet the second half. Thus, it will be a great idea to order custom essays and visit Spain this time instead of writing them.


Food is not just nutrition products to maintain a level of energy in one's body. In Spain, food is one of the central aspects of cultural life. Breakfast is time to greet a new day, cheer yourself with a cup of coffee and read the latest news in newspapers. Numerous snacks such as sandwiches with cheese and jamon, little plates of food that are called tapas, fruits and, of course, orange juice easily support people until the latest and more interesting food of a day. That is dinner. The most traditional dish is paella that is rice, more often with rabbit, chicken or seafood. Do not forget to attach a photo of your black teeth after eating paella with cuttlefish ink when you write at home about your adventures in Europe. Or, if you decide to order an assignment help about your trip, make sure to send these photos to your writer, who will understand the atmosphere of staying there. Traditionally, dinner is accompanied by a glass of beer or wine. As already mentioned, Spanish people are hot-tempered and cannot wait until Friday to have fun, so they often start partying on Thursday and dinner can be only the beginning of an entertaining night.

School Activities

Language schools offer a wide range of activities to keep students interested and motivated as well as make the learning process more effective. One day, it could be a museum day with a quiz, for example, to find a painting of the most famous Spanish surrealist, which is Salvador Dali, and describe it. Another day, a school can organize a day of beach volleyball or a dinner party where students cook traditional cuisine together and write names of products on a board to memorize them. It could be a poetry evening with declamations of verses of Spanish famous writers. On the weekend, it might be a pub crawl where teachers take part as well. Relaxed atmosphere along with night adventures create a strong friendly connection between all the participants. In this way, teachers become dear friends.

Native Speakers

Obviously, all your new classmates will be foreigners as you, who speak at about the same level of Spanish. For this reason, try your best to make friends among locals. Go to a disco, talk to people in cafes, ask for a direction or some advice. Not only will you improve your language skills, but sink into the culture and collect unforgettable memories. Do not stop communication after your time in Spain is over. Write emails and call your new friends to keep on progressing.

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