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To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

Cheating During Study

From the very childhood, we are told that cheating is bad and it depicts you as a crafty and unfaithful person. However, beginning from school, it is rather hard to name someone who at least ones in his/her life has not cheated. This misconduct is that kind that if is revealed, will be not counted as the heaviest sin in your life. In that regard, arises the question whether the moral side of cheating is only bad and negative or it can be characterized either from a positive side.

What Is Bad About Cheating?

First of all, cheating is a process that implies the use of dishonest ways to succeed in something. Often, cheating can hurt someone’s feelings or even have a detrimental effect on someone’s professional/ studying results. In general, cheating refers to the ethics and unwritten moral norms of conduct in a society. So, why exactly is cheating regarded as something bad?

  1. You can warp someone’s life. It sounds exaggerated, however, a cheatee can easily give up on a favorite occupation or, simply, on people;
  2. One more unfairness into our unideal world. The truth is that our world is full of injustice and when we think that cheating is okay and your own choice, you can be a role model for a young generation that will see in you a conduct to follow. In this way, bad standards appear;
  3. You can disserve to yourself. For example, let us take a study process where your deception was exposed by another guy. However, he cannot prove your guilty and unfaithfulness. That is why the only way he can see to restore justice is to beat you black and blue.

Can We Find a Positive About Cheating?

  1. The whole tree or not a cherry. Cheating can show that the person cares about his/her studying achievements. Moreover, it means that the student is quite diligent regarding his/her grades;
  2. Flexibility of mind. There was and there will be a great difference between those who play by the rules and those who are artful and flexible enough and make the decision as the case may be. Such students rely more often on such their traits as negotiation skills and the ability to be liked by the tutors (sometimes, without reason). Other students hate them for this;
  3. Easy way. A cheater possesses somehow a unique skill to see the easiest way and a boldness to follow it. Most students understand that this or that task can be performed in one step instead of three, but they are not risky enough to dare to break the common rules. The cheater, oppositely, conceives every possible opportunity as a chance to simplify his/her life and to spend time for more exciting things.
Satisfied Student in Class

Therefore, the issue of cheating is not so prosaic. In the case of cheating, every single situation must be observed taking into account various matters:

  • who will benefit and who will not from this cheating?
  • is it connected with the global final results (admission to the university, becoming of award or grants, etc.)?
  • and personal ethical persuasions.

Talking about academical performance, cheating can be observed as one more means to get a good grade until it does not affect another student. Remember that in a university, everyone has the right for its own way to succeed (just like in real life, or not?). Moreover, if you feel guilty and the case of cheating disturbs you, then it is better to tell about it and swallow this bitter pill.

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