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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay: Proper Completion

It is always difficult to look at oneself critically. This creates some difficulties with completion of essays dealing with you and your personality. Learn the modern writing tricks with us to cope with all the difficulties effectively and write a well-done personal strengths and weaknesses essay!


Defining the Type of Writing

What kind of essay you are to write if you got an assignment to write an essay about your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Not a Narrative One

Obviously, your professor was not going to get a story of your life, as this cannot show your features specifically. So, your essay won’t be narrative.


  • Not an Argumentative One

Also, there is no need to convince your professor, that you are the best person in the world due to having the certain set of features. Thus, the essay won’t be an argumentative as well.


  • Not an Explanatory One

As you do not need to explain why or under which circumstances you have got certain traits of character, you can cross off an explanatory essay.


  • So?

What has left? A descriptive essay. It is for giving features of a certain subject to create a full picture of it. This is the aim you should follow writing a personal strengths and weaknesses essay.


Specifications for Descriptive Essay about Strengths and Weaknesses

However, you are not required to depict yourself the way you depict a tree. A human being is much more complex that a tree, so the essay writing will have a lot of things different.


  • No Description of Appearance

You should omit the part of a descriptive essay, where you tell about your appearance. The whole essay is aimed on your character, so traits of character need to be the only features included.


  • Two-Sided Structure

You are not ideal, and this is normal. No one is ideal. Therefore, talking about your strong sides, you should mention about the weak sides afterwards. Writing of such essays are helpful for your self-education: when you admit that you have weaknesses and bad features, you are on a halfway to their fixing.


Rules to Be Followed for a Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

There can be determined a set of rules to be followed to write a good strengths and weaknesses essay. This list of rules can also serve you as a check-list for the paper already written.


1. Tell the Truth

There is no point to lie. Lying won’t make your essay look better, or won’t help you to create a better impression. Actually, it will have the directly opposite effect. If your reader feels or detects lies in writing, he won’t read it further. One untrue point makes the whole essay doubtful, and you should keep this in mind.


2. Give Examples to the Statements

It is not enough just to mention your strengths and weaknesses. Your essay should not look like a list. To make the idea flow smooth, tell a few words about each feature mentioned. Your reader will understand you better if you give some explanations to what you have said, some examples from your life (there may also be some short stories included) etc.


3. Make the Features Equal

By the equality we mean the amount of text devoted to the features. It won’t be good if you talk about one feature during the half of your text and then all other features are just mentioned in the second half. Be concise and remember the main aim of your essay.


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