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How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Select the Best Arguments!

Do you know how to choose relevant arguments? If you don’t, you should better learn how to write an argumentative essay before you get low grades. The following easy tips can be of a great help in your writing skill development.


Argumentative Essay Type

Lets clarify first: what is a an argumentative essay? An argumentative essay writing is the specific type aimed on convincing your reader in your opinion being acceptable. The convincing process actually is performed through providing reasonable arguments.


The Main Demands to Arguments

The main things that actually build your argumentative essay are arguments. Therefore, you should pay a special attention to their selection. You should be aware of the main demands to the arguments used, so you will be able to compose an effective argumentative essay.


  • Arguments Should Be True

It is probably no need to explain this points. The false arguments are weak and can spoil the whole essay. Having caught you in providing an untrue information, your reader won’t trust a word any more.


  • Arguments Should Be Relevant

Each argument should directly support your opinion. Irrelevant arguments will create an impression, that you simply do not understand what you are talking about.


  • Arguments Should Be Strong and Well-Supported

Giving just an argument is not enough. It is necessary to support it with links to academic sources, to speeches of the well-known people etc. Also, it will be great if you can find examples for your arguments. If you have carried a research and you can mention some numbers to support an argument, this will make it the most trustworthy.


  • Arguments Should Be Clear

When you include a certain argument, make sure that it cannot be used by an opposite side. Your argument should be maximally one-sided and clear, so it won’t make your reader doubt.


  • Arguments Should Be Logically Well-Structured

To make the arguments flow better, you should take care of following the logical rules. Therefore, if you have sentence beginning with “firstly”, there should also be “secondly” one. Do not avoid “then”, in case you have “if” etc.


General Tips for Argumentative Essays

There are also a few things you should remember writing an argumentative essay.


  • Be Well-Aware

To write a strong argumentative essay, you should be well-aware of what you write about. Do not skip the visiting library step to find as much information on your topic as possible. Learn about both: your and opposite opinion, to know the weak sides of your imaginary opponent.


  • Take a Certain Side

After you have learned about the topic, you take a certain side. Your decision can be strong and there should not be any doubts. If you doubt, your reader will doubt as well, and this is definitely not what you want.


  • Do Not Write One-Sided Essay

Talking just about one approach or solution does not make your essay argumentative. It is important not only to tell why your point of view is correct, but also why the other approaches are wrong.


  • Select a Good Topic

Your topic should be modern and problematic, so your reader will be interested in what he is reading about. The task is to make him involved in your writing having taken a certain side. If your argumentative essay is well-written, this will make him take your reader take your side. So, you can check your essay on your friend.


  • Get Helped

If you do not know how to write an argumentative essay well, remember, that there is nothing shameful in asking for help. We are always here for you!

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