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Essay on Your Home: Steps and Ideas

You can select any type of essay to complete an essay on your home. However, although the topic seems to be easy and clear, it is sometimes difficult to choose good words to put your thoughts into a paper. Thus, to complete an essay on your home without any difficulties, check on the following info.


What to Do Not to Get Stuck with Essay on Your Home?

There are a few good tips for you not to get stuck.

  • Brainstorm Ideas

The first thing you should start with is brainstorming. Just write down all the ideas, which come into your mind without thinking of their proper formulation and relevancy. You can write them as statements, as clouds etc. Depending on the type of essay, you can note arguments (for argumentative essay), features (for a descriptive essay), events (for a story or narrative essay), issues (for an explanatory essay on Architecture etc.). For the features you can use the principle of 5 circles for 5 senses.

  • Create an Outline

Now it is time for you to review the ideas and select the good ones, which can be connected into a coherent text. The outline actually shows what you are going to write about and in which order. Do not forget, that as any essay, essay on your home is to have an introduction, body part and conclusion. The first and the last parts should be reflected in an essay outline keeping the same title.

  • Write a Draft According to the Outline

Each point of your outline should cover a paragraph of concise and well-formulated explanations. Make sure that your are clear in what you say about your home and person, who have never seen it will understand, what you are talking about.

  • Revise Your Draft

After writing comes a long process of revising and correcting of the draft. You should make sure that the whole text is relevant to the topic selected, and that all the paragraphs perfectly link one to another to support a good ideas flow. Finally, you should check formatting, grammar and spelling not to get the grade reduced due to some minor issues.

  • Ask for Help If Needed

Do not hesitate to ask us for help if you experience any difficulties. Our advice will help you not to struggle with the essay writing, even though it has a very specific subject.


Ideas for Essay on Your Home

The general topic – a home – is clear. However, sometimes it is difficult to make it narrower and more specific, as well as create a good text on it. Here are some extra-ordinary ideas for you to use while writing.


  • Ideas for a Descriptive Essay on Your Home

It is always possible to depict how your house looks like. You can include the smell characteristics of your Mom’s home bakery, or the sound features, such as creak of the old doors etc. It is also possible to write a comparative descriptive essay, telling about the similar and different features between your current living place and your parent’s house.


  • Ideas for a Narrative Essay on Your Home

There are definitely a lot of stories connected with your house. The sweetest ones are from your childhood. It is possible to tell how you played hide and seek around the house, where you had some secret places to hide some secret/magic things etc.


  • Ideas for an Argumentative Essay

Everybody knows, that there is no place like home. Explain, why you support this point of view or why you consider it to be wrong with the help of arguments.


  • Ideas for an Explanatory Essay

This type of essay is possible only if you are a student with the Architecture, Building, or Engineering as your major. You can analyze your home as any other object built by people.


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