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Understand What to Write about in a Media Violence Essay

Media is very important in our today`s society, as information influences our outlook. However, the information provided by media is unfiltered and may have a bad influence on our psychology. There is a lot of violence propaganda. To learn more on this issue you may write a media violence essay.


The Most Vulnerable Categories

We discover the world around us, its principles and rules through getting information from various sources. Media is also a huge source of information about the life and events, which are taking place around. The information delivered by media mostly has no censorship. A grown-up may filter the information and analyze it critically by himself, as he/she has set moral, cultural and ethical standards. Therefore, the unfiltered information may have the bad influence on social categories, which are still making the choice of their way in their lives, meaning children and young people. If the improper information lays into background of personality, this may have critical results.


The Means of Media Violence

Today media reach practically every person. Radio becomes less popular, but television keeps its popularity, and Internet takes most of the modern young person`s free time.

  • Films

Have you ever paid attention to how popular are the adventure films? Killing people on the screens is not a surprise. Surely, there is a separation on good and bad sides, and when good character wins, people welcome him. Well, solving the conflicts thought violence is presented as a normal thing. Thus, children and youth are more likely to apply this rule in the real life.

  • Games

Even the worse situation is about video games. If watching films children are involved into interaction psychologically, playing games they have a possibility to make choice. Sometimes, it is hard for children to see the difference between the real and virtual world. The borders become less noticeable due to the graphical improvements for the real feelings that games introduce. Thus, violence in real world is being supported that way.

  • News and Informative Programs

Children and young people have a full access to the news that are happening in the world. News can be found in newspapers, on TV or in Internet. Modern journalists try to make their texts as impressive as it is possible, so when children check the information the way it is delivered, they may be shocked.


Ways to Fight with Media Violence

There have been developed a few ways to regulate the media violence impact on children and young people.

           1. Marking

There is a special marking for films in the corner, also there are limitations for the cinema view of most of the films. For example, there are films, which are not allowed for a view for people under 18, under 3, under 6, under 21 etc. They are psychologically tested to define the safe age for the review without causing of a psychological trauma.

           2. Parents` Control

Surely, parents need to filter the information their children may access. Thus, there should be a certain control of the videos for watching and games for playing. It is fully under the parents` responsibility whether to allow children the access to certain information or not. There are a certain systems developed to help for children control, so grown-ups may block some websites on their home computers or channels on their home TV-sets.


Help with Effective Media Violence Essay

Here is just a brief overview of the basic and surface information on the topic. If you need an in-depth and qualitative media violence essay, you should better consult with an expert offered by EssayforMe.Org!

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