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Basic Information and Stories to Make Your Archimedes Essay Interesting

What have you heard about Archimedes? Well, if you just know, that he was an antique scientist, this won`t be a good idea to write an Archimedes essay without any extra sources. Here is the information you may benefit from.


The Main Information You Should Know to Write an Archimedes Essay

To make it easier for you to understand, we will structure the information for you in form of questions and answers.

  • WHO?

Archimedes is not only a mathematician, but also an astronomer, inventor, engineer and physicist. Well, in antique times we can hardly find a narrow-specialized scientist. They were doing whatever they were finding interesting for them.

  • WHEN?

Well, antique times are too wide time period. It will be better to say specifically, that Archimedes lived from 287 BC to 212 BC. These numbers are close to reality, but we cannot tell for sure, since it was too long ago.

  • WHERE?

Archimedes was born in Syracuse, what is in Sicily. Actually, historians say that he lived there his whole life. For you to understand better at that time Syracuse was a colony in Magna Graecia, being located at the coast of Southern Italy.


Some Interesting Facts to Make Your Archimedes Essay Better

Now, when you have the main informative background, it is time to think of how to interest your reader? Well, it is high time for stories!

  • Eureka!

One of the most famous exclamation of Archimedes, which even became a state motto of California. They believe, that Archimedes exclaimed this word after having discovered the hydrostatics rule. He got into a bath and then water level rose, what made him understand, that the difference of water, that has risen, is equal to the volume of his body. Eureka means “I have found it” literally.

Actually, at that time Archimedes was searching for a solution to how to measure the volume of the crown of Siracusian king. His task was to find out, whether it is fully gold, or the jeweler has added some silver to it. Thus, knowing the density of gold all he needed is to get the volume of the crown. Water turned out to be helpful for this.


  • The Ship “Siracusia”

There is another story about the huge ship that was presented to Egyptian king, but it was so big that could not be set on the water. Archimedes has constructed a system of pulleys, which helped to cope with this task with the one hand move. Doing that he said another phrase having become aphoristic: “If I had another Earth to step on, I would have moved ours”. In another (more popular) variant it sounds like “Give me a fulcrum, and I will move the Earth”.


  • The Death of Archimedes

There are also a few stories about the Archimedes` death.

One says, that a warrior came into his house while he was working. The only words Archimedes managed to say, was “Let me finish my work and then do whatever you want”.

Another version is that Archimedes was working in front of his house and a warrior stepped on his drawings. Archimedes said “Keep away from my drawings”, and the warrior killed him for such rude words.


Help with Archimedes Essay

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