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End of the Studying Year: Things Every Student Experiences

stressed student

The end of the school year brings a lot of things to worry about for every student, including final exams, panic attacks, sleepless nights and a lot of other interesting experiences. Here are some of the common things every student goes through at the end of the school year:

Realizing How Much Work Still Needs to Be Done

The list of to-do things might seem endless at this point. You are probably stressed and exhausted and all you want is a proper meal and at least a couple of hours of sleep.

Yearning to Finally Move Out

The closer the end of your studying is, the more you want to live on your own. This feeling is surely understandable: of course, you feel distracted and annoyed by everything and everyone at this time. Be patient, the end is very close!

The Feeling of Shock When You Read the First Question of Your Finals

Well, usually it feels like some sort of a cruel and unusual punishment. But don't lose the faith too quickly, you will pass everything with the right time management and preparation.

Realizing that You Know Nothing

It's a common feeling for every student. Somehow, by the end of the semester, you begin to question yourself whether you actually did anything for your classes during the year as it seems you know nothing at this point. Try to keep yourself together and spend some time revising the material. Everything will be okay.

Realizing You Haven't Eaten Anything during the Day

You keep promising yourself that you will have a proper meal but later and then you realize it's already midnight. Sounds familiar? Of course, every student knows this feeling, but you better try to avoid it. A balanced diet is very important during the stressful periods of life.

Trying to Find the Reason You Have Come This Far

You probably have a lot of different thoughts right now, and all of them come to you wondering whether it is really worth all these efforts. Always remind yourself of the reasons why you are doing this and quit thinking about giving up.

Surviving the Day after the All-Nighter

Three cold showers and four cups of coffee didn't help? It's okay, just keep reminding yourself that the end is actually very close and try to manage all your tasks during the day next time.

Seeing Your Completed Paper Printed

a proud student

Well, it is indeed an unforgettable feeling. At this point, you finally can see that things are finally coming to normal and it gives you the motivation to keep on working hard.

Realizing You Have Survived It

That's finally it, you have officially survived this horrible period and now you can enjoy your feeling of freedom. Now you may just wait for the results to arrive and put all your worries aside.

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