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Looking for a Job: Is This Difficult for Students?


Is it so easy for a student to get a job? You can have some problems. You should know a little bit about what kind of work students can do, what questions you may be asked at a job interview, what skills you need to have and which areas of work are promising.

The Situation in the Labor Market

You should know in which areas the highest level of the competition is. Currently, these are the following: management, law, manufacturing, accounting, management reports and finances. Students and people who are just starting to work are in the third place in a ranking of the most competitive fields. It is important to remember that, because you have to make yourself competitive as much as you can. It is considered as the most up-to-date industry. The agriculture is the next in the top list of the developing work areas. In addition, the public sector and Non-Government Organizations are also prospective. By the way, NGO is the successful branch to start a career. The most developed area is the food industry. It also offers students a lot of applications for the internship.

Whom Does the Employer Want to See?

There is a conventional grading of employees by age. It consists of three generations: Z (18-25 years old), Y (26-35 years old) and X (35 and older). Each generation has its pros and cons, which the employers know very well. At the first sight, young people are more creative and have more ambitions and a desire to work for the idea. At the same time, people from the generation X are responsible, seeking to bring stability and do their best.

How to Get Foot in the Door?

Your self-development and motivation are the most important things when you want to get a job. Nowadays, the employers are targeting on the specific skills and knowledge. Your place of studying and the type of your diploma are no longer important. It goes without saying that you need to know at least basic computer programs and technologies. You should know that many employers are willing to consider your passed internship as the experience. You do not have to forget to point out your completed practice and participation in the conferences in your resume. This is a big plus for the employment. You have to work on your resume because it should be perfect.

Professional Characteristics of the Employee Aged 18-25 years

You want to get everything right away. You have a desire to live in your own fun. You want to earn money easy. You despise authority. You should have inflated salary expectations.

Skills Training and Start Career

The part-time jobs are the most obvious career start options. In particular, these include administrative positions such as courier or operator at the call-center. You can look for a summer training, which, however, does not guarantee the employment. You are able to find the international internships, but these also have time limits. The Graduate Recruitment Programs are one more opportunity.

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