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Internet Essay: Negative Points

Person Surfing Internet

Today, it is hard to find a person who doesn`t use the Internet for various purposes. Its invention completely changed humanity`s life, and the advantages of the net shouldn`t be undervalued. However, very often, one forgets that the Internet has a negative impact as well. Just take a look at all these addicted teenagers who spend all free time scrolling their newsfeed. There are several minuses of the global network which are helpful if you, for example, need to write an essay on such theme.


Active Internet users can even become addicted, and that is not an overstatement. They check their messages every minute, play online games from morning till night, and their status is always online. While spending all time in the worldwide network, people stop communicating with their friends and relatives in reality, lose the job and become an analogy of coach potato. Despite solving the existing problems, ones try to escape from them in the online world.


Yes, the Internet is truly the largest source of any kind of information; the latest reports and rumors are there. However, there can be plenty of accidental mistakes as well as a willful lie. Think about it while checking your favorite new portal in the morning. How to deal with it? Use several sites to make the image full and filter everything you see or read on the net.

Dangerous for Kids

There are thousands of the Internet pages which are full of violence and cruelty. However, any child can see it not even realizing how it impacts his or her mental health. Hair-rising films and videos, fearful stories, descriptions of crimes and so on, all these things are in free access. Children try to imitate antiheroes’ behavior, they become rude and ungovernable. Moreover, most kids prefer playing games online to spending free time with their fellows. It impedes their socializing.

Computer Hacking

That kind of offence is widespread in the whole world. Hackers rob the Internet accounts and even the whole banks, break state security system and steal valuable information. The worst thing is that it is usually very hard to arrest such criminals and prove their guiltiness in a court. As a result, the government has to invest millions of dollars in computer security. In its turn, countries can hire such hackers in order to undermine each other`s reputation.

Police Arrest Hacker

No Privacy

How can you be sure that your chatting is fully private? An opinion that special services are able to read it all exists and, who knows, it might be true. Moreover, your phone number, address and other personal information can become public. Crimes probably will use such things and rob or attack you. Be careful, as your credit card’s pin code can be stolen as well.


This negative one mainly concerns movie and video game production industry. Despite paying money for a ticket or buying DVD version, people usually prefer to download stolen films and games on the Internet. Moreover, musical bands often suffer when someone put their latest albums for free listening on websites.

Summing up, these points should be taken into consideration if you decide to create for and against essay, for instance. It is also useful if one wants to protect himself from the negative impact of the Internet.

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