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Persuasive Essay, Euthanasia

Doctors and Nurses

There are people who don’t realize what euthanasia is and why there is a need to make it legal. This process means killing mortally ill people, who can’t be treated. It is a controversial issue from the point of moral, religious and personal ideology. In this article, arguments for and against euthanasia applying are shown. Let’s start with positive statements.


Euthanasia can be perceived as an act of mercy to the suffering patient. There is no way for him or her to be healed and, in most cases, people feel a terrible pain in their last days living. This one has no chances to become healthy again and start a normal life. They are confined to the bed and sometimes demand special supportive systems to stay alive. Most of such patients agree that it is better to be dead than live with no goal, take medicines every hour and have no ability to stay on foot.


Holding deathly ill patients in the hospital demands lots of money and effort from the stuff. Medicine cannot help them to be cured, but such items as a respiratory support system, painkillers, costly drugs are spent on these people despite they have no chance to stay alive. Moreover, doctors and nurses have to care about them instead of visiting other seriously injured patients, including kids and infants. On the other side, relatives of diseased person are forced to waste thousands of dollars to prolong one’s life for several weeks or even days.

Nevertheless, some strong points against euthanasia legalizing exist. Here are the major ones.

Patient in Hospital


For many people, euthanasia seems to be an inhumane act, which is banned by many worldwide religions, cultures and ideologies. They claim this process a kind of murdering and it doesn’t matter if it is done for mercy. No one has a right to decide who should stay alive and who has to die. From a moral point of view, the average person, even doctor, cannot take responsibility to judge people and determine who among the patients of the hospital are merited for life. Such religions as Islam and Christianity while being so different argue against euthanasia as well. It is considered to be a great sin and disobedience to God.

Nazi’ Euthanasia Program

This cruel example from history demonstrates how legal euthanasia may be used against average citizens and cause mass murdering. It was started after Hitler gave permission to kill diseased or invalid people in Germany by lethal injection. As a result, thousands of kids among the country were taken away from parents and killed. That shows how legal euthanasia may serve as justification for evil doctors, which consequently had no punishment for killing people.

To sum up, all these arguments are strong, and it is hard to say what is better for humanity. On one side, euthanasia is necessary for people who suffer from pain and cannot be healed, on the other, it is still an act of murdering and may be used in violent and criminal purposes by unfair doctors. The government has to think well before legalizing this process and try to predict all backwashes.

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