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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay: Demands to Format and Content

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay: Demands to Format and Content

A 5 paragraph essay is usually a short and concise essay on a certain topic. The content of it varies due to the topic selected, but some rules are the same. Get aware of how to write a 5 paragraph essay and never face difficulties with such an assignment!


What Does a 5 Paragraph Essay Include?

It won’t be a surprise if I tell you, that 5 paragraph essay has 5 paragraphs. However, there are some special requirements to the paragraphs included. Those demands can be divided into two groups: requirements to format and requirements to content.


1.Requirements to Format

  • Length

Paragraphs should not be long, as reader will lose the main point. It will be good to include 5-6 sentences, and no more.

  • Separation

Also, paragraphs should be clearly separated one from another. Begin each paragraph with a new line and leave some empty space before your first word.


2. Requirements to Content

  • One Point

Each paragraph should deal with one single idea or opinion. Telling about everything at once, but with no explanations and within 1 paragraph will create a mess. Thus, provide your reader with one idea per paragraph, together with examples to it and supportive information.


  • Content Demands Depending on the Place of Paragraph

Obviously, the first paragraph, the one in the middle and the last paragraphs are quire different. The 5 paragraph essay has a clear separation: 1 paragraph is for introduction, 3 paragraphs are devoted to the main part (the body), and the remaining 1 will be for an essay conclusion.

          1) Introduction

An introductory paragraph takes around 10% of text and includes a hook sentence(s), a few more sentences and a thesis statement at the end. An introduction gives some background information only and actually introduces your topic rather than covers it.

          2) Body

A body parts provides your reader with the main information you wanted to include to your essay. There are 3 paragraphs, so three main aspects you will overview. If your topic is specific and narrow, you should investigate the aspects deeply. In case you have just a general topic, you should carry a surface overview of its main points.

          3) Conclusion

The conclusion actually shows what findings have you come to while writing your 5 paragraph essay. It also emphasizes on the importance of the findings and shows why it is not pointless to think over the issue.


  • Shortness

As you are required to have 5 paragraphs and they are not to be long, the full essay won’t take many words. Therefore, you should make sure that your paper does not have some odd information, which can be easily taken off.


  • Personal Opinion

Each essay should present its author’s personal opinion on a certain issue. It can be shown with the help of materials’ selection, structuring, or direct phrases such as “on my opinion”, “as far as I am concerned” etc. The text always becomes more valuable if you say something new to it.


  • No Plagiarism

Never copy someone’s ideas pretending that they are yours. You will easily get caught and this will cause serious academic troubles.


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