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Essay About Growing Up: What Changes After You Become a Student?

Student with a Child

The beginning of the essay can be general. It can look a bit pointless, but still bring up important questions to belabor the topic. Just follow the muse and explore the amusing irony of being a kid. Expound on your dreams to become an adult; perhaps mention that when you grew up, you wished you’d stayed a child a bit longer.

Ask yourself what was wrong with this period of our life? Why is it so happy, but so horrifying at the same time? Definitely, except for the freedom, finishing school, new relationships, there are things that influence your mind and turn your student time into something extremely different from your childhood.

Does Responsibility Stand for Disability?

Start this paragraph of your essay with the most outstanding feature of the student time. Despite the widespread thought that this is the most careless time, it is a period of critical decisions. Therefore, it mostly determines your future life.

Surely, being a student opens many doors to you, although, it binds you with some new obligations. The greatest change you meet is a responsibility. This (here should be a taboo word) responsibility that does not let you do anything you want evokes thoughts about your nearest and not distant future.

Its fetters follow you anywhere and remind you about all the norms and laws you must stick to. However, this very point shows you how difficult the future life could be. It prepares you to be ready to face any conditions or events that could happen to you. Sometimes, you need to find alternative solutions to issues, and Essayforme.Org is a way to do it. If you try it, you will make a decision to be a part of the conscious society and will be ready to act in a proper way.

Planning Something More Significant than a Walk

Someday, you will start to plan your future anyway, and this is an important point to underline in an essay. Moreover, when entering university, you understand that your future is closer than it seemed to be. Besides, a great number of opportunities will be missed if you are not ready to use them.

Understanding that, I used to hire people to write an essay for me to spend time on something more important. This is how I learned that a student starts to create his/her life plan. A number of questions will appear. How to reach all your aims and manage to write all the essays at the same time? How to manage the years of studying in the university and get a well-paid job?Trying to find out the answers to all these questions, you build the foundation for your life. Finally, the moment comes when one nostalgically thinks about the best time in their life. Surely, one will name childhood, when the day sleeping usually was considered to be an obligation.

Welcome to Concrete Jungle

The last but not least paragraph can be dedicated to the interpersonal relationships. Taking into account the fact that the surrounding environment is changing as well as your age, you cannot but meet new people, who, it should be admitted, are not as friendly to you as when you were a pretty child. Therefore, you learn to communicate, cooperate and, of course, coexist with them in our so complex world, where everyone is concentrated on their own life and problems, and everyone is in a hurry. This experience usually is painful and is followed by many difficulties to overcome. In childhood, it was enough to share your toys and sweets in order to become friends.

Summing Up

Then, you should just sum up everything written above. It is also possible to give some tips on overcoming unpleasant changes, although it depends on you. If you have managed to grow up more or less flawless, share your advice and finish your essay with a positive inspirational and encouraging phrase or a joke to leave your reader with a smile.

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