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Motivate Yourself to Write an Essay

Creative Writing

University time is a time for growth, education, and creativity. Each of us, being a student, has faced a lack of inspiration when it comes to writing an essay. People are creative individuals. It is our natural state, then why is it so hard to put thoughts into right words?

Why Is It Hard to Write?

As long as we are creative individuals, we have inner resistance to creativity. American author Steven Pressfield in his book "The War of Art" touches upon this topic. He says that everyone has two lives. One is a life that we live, and the other one is a life inside of us that we do not live. Resistance is between these two lives.

When Do We Face Resistance to Creativity?

When we try to follow a vocation, keep a healthy diet, go to a gym, grow spiritually, study, in a nutshell, every activity, that does not give a reward straight away, but is important for the future, it causes resistance.Pressfield writes that the more important an ambition for the evolution of our personality, the stronger the resistance.

Forms of Resistance

Resistance to creativity can manifest in different forms. Once it can be procrastination,when we don't want to admit that we will not write an essay, but assure ourselves that we will do it later. Another time, it can be critics in both cases when we criticize and when someone does the same to us. There is a wonderful phrase by Pressfield that critic is the angriest about the thing that he/she would have done himself if he/she were courageous enough.

That perfectly explains the nature of haters and critics. We should be careful when critiquing someone. It’s easy to switch from a constructive form of criticism to a destructive one, despite critique being a good tool to help others.

. You may order an essay proofreader to review your assignment and help understand the mistakes in constructive critique.

Remember that self-realized people tend to support and cheer up instead of criticizing. Every time we want to criticize, we should remember that it could be a form of inner resistance. In the last case, our internal foe harms not only us but those who are around.

Way to Defeat Resistance

The most effective way is to become a professional. When writing an essay, pretend to be a professional writer. Think about the topic thoroughly, about the audience, feel responsible for the quality. As a professional, you become more distant from the work, you understand that it is not about who you are, but what you do. Because an amateur writer identifies his/her writing as a part of themselves, they can procrastinate, or even give up.


Success is a side product of work. A good writer writes often because he/she knows that only practice helps to hone writing skills. A clean and good-looking working place will help to organize thoughts. Buy quality writing accessories and paper, if you prefer handwriting, to make the process more pleasant. Plants are a good idea too. While leaves clean the air and enrich it with oxygen, green color calms down the mind, relieves stress and improves reading ability.


Another American author Julia Cameron in her book "The Artist's Way" suggests exercises to overcome resistance.

The first one is "Morning pages". Cameron insists on writing three pages every day. It should be done in a stream of consciousness. That means to write down every thought. If a thought is "I don't want to write", then write these exact words. It is important not to check spelling, punctuation and reread, but write down a constant flow of thoughts. This method help to silence the inner critics, reveal the creative nature, and clarify thoughts and feelings. The method is highly recommended by the experts at EssayForMe.Org since constant writing helps them to improve.

The second exercise is called "A Date with Your Inner Creator". Every week, find an hour or two to be alone with yourself. At this time, you are replenishing your creative energy. It can be a walk in a park, listening to quality music, knitting, etc.

Do not wait for a special moment to start creating. It is in the process we find out who we are. Remember that you are always ready, start creating now and amaze with an outstanding essay!

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