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Essays on Cultural Diversity: How to Write Them?

Living a life within one culture and society of one culture representatives we can barely know, that views of other people may differ. Indeed, people, who get acquainted with other cultures often get shocked. That makes essays on cultural diversity modern and interesting.

Essays on Cultural Diversity: Structural Suggestions
There are different ways to write on this issue, and the structure of your essay will depend on the selected way.

       1. General Comparison
If you want to perform a surface and general comparison, it is required for you to select two or more cultures. The more different and far each from other they are, the more chances you have for an interesting essay. You may take a 5 paragraph essay as a basis.

       2. Features Based Writing
In comparison to the previous type, you need to select features rather than countries. Thus, you will have a set of features and aspects and show how they are represented in different cultures. Depending on your interests, there may be moral/cultural values, typical day etc. to compare. Thus, you may have one feature and a lot of different countries reviewed through that lens, or you may have a few features and not many countries taken into account. Each paragraph should deal with one feature or with one country only.

       3. Causes and Effects
Besides the comparative writing you can choose a cause and effect explanatory essay type. Obviously, there are some factors that motivate the existence of cultural diversity, and understand of them will give keys to understanding cultures. If you are about to write a cause and effect essay about cultural diversity, take into account the following factors and separate them by paragraphing:
           • Geographical Position
Geographical position means a lot, as it defines the accessibility of a certain community by other cultures representatives.
           • Climate
Climatic conditions are based on the geographical position. They are important, because there are the certain weather conditions that people need to come along with regularly, and this forms their beliefs and every-day routine.
           • Economics
The economical factor creates a huge gap between cultures of the countries of the third world and the countries with well-developed economy. For example, we may notice, that countries of the third world are less influenced by the development of technologies and the social issue of Internet dependance is not that common in their culture.
           • History
People learn from experience, thus we can tell that culture representatives base their beliefs on the facts of the past as well. Some important events in history may cause formation of some features and beliefs for self-protection from being oppressed etc.
           • Cultural Interactions
The influence of other countries, which are either close geographically, or co-operate in economical way, should also be taken into account. It not only results in borrowing of words, but in borrowing of ideas.

       By the Way
You should understand, that the term ‘culture’ may be reviewed from different points. For example, it can be based not only on national identity, but also on age (for example youth culture), sexual orientation (for example gay culture), place (rural or city culture) etc.

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