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Sex Education Persuasive Speech: How and What to Write?

What is the point of sex education? Should it be taught at schools? If you are about to write a sex education persuasive speech, you should better take these controversial issues as your basis. It is also important to have a few good arguments to support your point.


What Is Special about a Persuasive Speech on Sex Education?
In comparison to an argumentative essay, a persuasive speech writing requires you to take into account a lot of more details.

1. Emotions
A persuasive writing applies not only to logics, but also to emotions of the audience. Therefore, you should better include some stories or pictures appealing to certain needed emotions. The stories included to the essay need to be short, concise and clear. Furthermore, if you write them in a simple language, this will create an impression of a friendly talk and increase the influence.

2. Clarity
It is not a surprise, that every paper needs to be clear. However, this requirement is quite important for the successful speech delivery. To make your speech easier for your audience to get and to make your listeners agree with you, keep the following points in mind:
     • Structure of the Text
Your persuasive speech need to have a at least 5 paragraphs, each of them delivering a certain idea fully.
     • Structure of the Sentences
Your sentences need to have no more than 2 clauses, as this makes it easier for listeners to catch the idea flow.
     • Easy Language
Difficult language full of terms do not contribute to clarity, especially if you are delivering the speech not to professionals.


Learn How to Support Your Side
There are definitely two approaches to the sex education issue: you can be for or against it. Here are some pieces of advice for you depending on what side has been selected.

       1. Arguments FOR Sex Education at Schools
Here is the set of arguments for you to support an idea, that there should be a sex education lessons at schools.
     • Sex education is the way to solve social issues. For example, sex lessons can clarify the issues of pregnancy preventing and destroy the myths, which can have sad consequences.
     • Gender roles. Often gender roles are considered to be something having a negative meaning. However, in this case, division of class to male and female will help to understand the gender peculiarities better. Thus, such lessons will tell exactly what students need to know taking into account their gender.


       2. Arguments AGAINST Sex Education at Schools
There are also people, who think, that sex education at schools is inappropriate. If you belong to such people, you may benefit from the following arguments:
     • Sex education contributes to discrimination. A class can have people with different religions and sexual orientation. Thus, minorities are most likely being humiliated and their specific views are not taken into account.
     • Sex education is not taken serious. Due to the subject of education, students feel a bit shy, and this causes different self-security process. Most likely students are joking and laughing, what drives the class out of control.
     • Sex is being reviewed from a biological point of view. Students learn about biological background of sex, but the moral aspect is barely touched upon. This contributes to an opinion, that there is nothing in common between sex and love.


More Arguments for a Sex Education Persuasive Speech
There are a lot of more arguments, which can be used. However, the specifics of the assignment requirements need to be taken into account. Hire a writer with our company to review your requirements and he will tell you how to write a sex education persuasive speech at its best.

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