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Essay on Death Penalty: Join the Discussion

A lot of discussions exist on the issue of death penalty. Can it be legalized? What good and bad consequences may it have? Join the discussion and express your specific point of view in an essay on death penalty.


Before You Start Writing…
There are two important steps that each one should take before writing an essay on death penalty.

     Step #1: Read Some Literature on the Issue
You should look through and read reliable sources dealing with this issue. There may be some books, where your topic has been touched upon, some online and offline articles etc. It is necessary to make some notes and remember about the further need of in-text citations.

     Step #2: Take a Side
Only after you feel that the issue has been fully understood from both points of you, you should take a side, which meets your opinion. Make a certain choice, because in case you have doubts, your reader will feel this and won’t trust your writing fully.


Support Your Opinion
The main thing for any essay writing is a good, logical and clear explanation of your point and support of your opinions. The aspect of supporting is extremely important for argumentative and persuasive essays, as your arguments need to be clear enough to convince others. Talking about an essay on death penalty, it may represent one of the two possible sides: for death penalty or against it. Any other compromise side won’t be strong enough.


          1. How to Write an Essay on Death Penalty (FOR side)?
Here are some ideas for you to see, which arguments can be used to convince in the need of the death penalty.

     • It Is Cheaper
Surely, moral values mean more, but still tax payers should thing of why they support criminals with life sentence. Organization of a death penalty takes much less financially.
     • It Is Painless
Those, who consider death penalty to be cruel, are mistaken, because with the help of physicians the process have been made painless.
     • No Mistakes
Only the most cruel crimes can have such a penalty. As the cases are quite rare, the best experts get involved to make sure that there are no mistakes.
     • Warning
Death penalty is a good way of crime prevention. The death sentence being public deters criminals psychologically showing what may happen in case of crime commitment.


          2. How to Write a Death Penalty Essay (Against It)?
Surely, there also can be found good arguments against a death penalty.
     • Moral Aspect
A death penalty contradicts the value of life claimed by constitution and main religions. Basically, legalization of a death penalty is a legalization of a murder, telling that there can be reasons good enough for it.
     • No Way Back
Humans can make mistakes. However, in case of death penalty mistakes are irrevocable.
     • Racial Bias
A death penalty issue may deal with the racial bias, since the representatives of racial minorities are more likely to be sentenced to death as the general statistics says.


For More Information…
Surely, it is not all that you should know about death penalty to complete a well-written essay on death penalty. If you are confused with the sources or/and really want to submit a masterpiece this time, contact an expert with EssayForMe.Org

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