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Essays about Love: Think Outside of the Box

Essays about love seems to be so sweet and nice assignments. However, they are not always so. For example, there are scientists, who try to understand the chemistry or love, or the psychology of love. Obviously, such kind of papers will be much different from the essays about love on Literature.


Formal and Exact VS Informal and Metaphoric

There can be two ways to write an essay about love. You can be a detailed and emotionless author, which analyzes statistics and some factual data. Also, you can be a romantic writer, who tries to understand a love phenomenon through life experience, Literature, some examples etc. you should understand, that the difference between writing styles will be noticeable.

  • Formal Approach

Writing this kind of essay, you will need to use specific terms, facts, and numbers. All your suppositions and findings need to be supported with some research results or statistical data. You may be required to write a definition of love from the scientific point of view (especially if you are studying Biology, Psychology etc.)

  • Informal Approach

Your writing style will be freer. It will have almost no numbers, but it may include a lot of real life short stories and links to literary works, songs, films etc. Also, you can include a good quote about love either at the beginning or in the body part of your essay. It is allowed to use metaphors, epithets, comparisons etc. to make your language more beautiful. However, being informal does not mean not being logical, so you should still take care about the clarity of what you write about.


Subjects You May Apply to While Writing Essays about Love

Love is a common phenomenon to be analyzed from the point of view of different subjects.

  • Chemistry and Biology

It is often said that love is nothing but a Chemistry in a person`s organism. If you are a Biochemistry student, you have a challenge to write, what changes appear in human body after he falls in love. Can we call love to be a disease?

  • Psychology

There is no surprise, that falling in love is strongly influenced by a person`s psychological intentions and emotional state. Also, one can write about how love changes the person`s psychology and whether this influence is good or bad.

  • Sociology

It is a modern thing to view on sociological issues from the point of love. A lot of new research and academic papers appear on interracial relationships, gender inequality/ gender role, love between the representatives of different social classes etc.

  • Literature

There are so many literary works, which touch upon a love issue! You can select a good quote and write a critical lens essay, or simply review the differences in understanding of love by different authors. It will also be a good idea to review the certain love line in a novel and think of its causes, effects, factors etc.

  • Philosophy

The philosophy approach to love will deal with trying to understand its place in a person`s life and the power it has within the world or even outside it.


Help with Essays about Love

In case you feel that writing of good essays about love are much more difficult than you expected, contact our experts for help!


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