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Write a Patriotism Definition Essay Qualitatively and Easily!

Bunch of Flags

Patriotism is an inherent element of the national consciousness. However, different people and scientists have different views on this phenomenon and the way it is represented through the person`s actions. Express your personal understanding through writing a patriotism definition essay.

How to Write a Definition Essay on Patriotism?

It is always difficult to start. Nevertheless, if you are about to write a patriotism definition essay, we are glad to give you the algorithm for effective writing.

Step #1

You may just note and analyze the definitions given by dictionaries. Select the relevant ones and do not use all the definitions you were able to find. Too many definitions will not work.

Step #2

Read some extra information on this issue to be well-aware of the topic`s context. You should deeply understand every single word of the definitions you have found. Only in-depth review can lead to a qualitative result.

Step #3

Analyze the definitions you have. Find the points, which you consider to be weak, or which you disagree for some reasons. If it is possible, group the definitions based on the certain criterion. Also, you should think over which features you can confirm to be proper.

Step #4

Create your own definitions, gathering the good points from the definitions reviewed and taking off the bad ones. You should feel free to speak your mind, as your definition is actually a result of your personal specific thinking. Make sure you explained your position well and motivated the final selection of features.

Step #5

Now it is time for editing of your paper. It is quite important to make sure, that your paper is well-structured, as you need it to be clear. Also, there should not be any mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentences structure. Check whether your essay has an introduction, a body part differentiated into a few paragraphs of normal size, and a conclusion.

Content of a Definition Essay about Patriotism

Writing on Paper

Now, when you understand, what is actually required to be written, it is time for hints regarding the essay content.

  • Projection on a Person

    It is impossible to talk about patriotism without taking into account a human being. You should analyze this feature only on example of a person, who behaves, speaks and realizes himself or herself as a part of a community.

  • Be Personal

    If the essay is informal, tell what patriotism means to you, and specify, whether you consider yourself to be a patriot of your nation. Do not forget to explain, why you think so, clearly.

  • Connections

    It will also be a good idea to mention, which other personal features are connected with patriotism and how they are interlinked.

  • Stories, Quotes etc.

    If you know some interesting stories or quotes, which deal with patriotism issue, feel free to include them to your essay. However, you should make sure that they do not influence the idea flow badly and whether they are truly suitable for your point.

  • Examples

    Surely, do not forget to include examples to your definitions, where it is possible at all.

Assistance with the Patriotism Definition Essay

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Free Example of an Essay About Patriotism: Edward Snowden Case

Edward Snowden

Who is a patriot?

A scoop of 2013 had overwhelmed the whole world. An American Edward Snowden working in CIA has revealed thousands of records about US government sneaking into the internet private messages and phone calls inside and outside the country. Who is he now? A hero? A leaker? A whistleblower? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

When defining the term of the patriotism as love towards your country we usually think of the nature, people around us and the average level of life. But it is kind of weird to think about the people who are at the top of the country, who decide on the laws and are in the government. A patriot is a person who has a special attitude towards his homeland. Usually at this part an American flag shows up with a bold eagle in front.

Citizens of one country may define this term diversely. For some of them serving the country they live in is one of the biggest acts to feel useful and their life to be complete. However, the term “country” does not imply only a land but all its components and if one of them stands against another one, how can we say that we are patriots?

We have been brought up first by our parents, then at school and other institutions, to fight for the land we live in, to protect people who are its citizens and to make efforts to provide it with your knowledge, skills and dedication. According to the USA PATRIOT ACT, enforced into the law in 2001 after the world-famous terrorist attack, the world surveillance will be provided without interfering into the human lives but preventing any possible cases of terrorism.

In reality, the law has been extended and now, in the 21st century, humans have no privacy at all. Edwards Snowden was a man who was highly offended by the fact that “we are being watched, heard and tracked”. Sometimes it is not only about our own privacy as people’s private lives but also business and any international communications that cannot be paid no attention.

Was it a good act? Naturally. He put his own life to danger in order to show people the truth, show them that they are being misled. The situation is also very unusual and contradictory. We can clearly say that he acted according to his own heart not intending to get some profit from it. But another question here is “did it change anything?” Global communities were, are and will be watching and listening to us. What I think Snowden did is – firstly, he made us get used to the fact that we are being watched. A person can get used to everything.

Was he thinking about his country during revealing? Yes, he was. Because people are the country and he cared about their security and welfare. I personally think he is a patriot of his country because he stood for people.

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