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Essay about a Friend: Specific Completion of a Specific Task

Obviously, you respect your friend. Therefore, if you need to write an essay about a friend, you are interested in writing it qualitatively. Those, who face issues with writing, may get struck or make a lot of mistakes in content, grammar, logic of the text. We are here to assist you on this.


The Specifics of an Essay about a Friend

An assignment to write about a friend is specific, as you cannot find samples on the web on your topic. Well, you can, but the chances of your having found an essay about your particular friend are miserably small. Therefore, you can just check the common structures, but the content will be completely your task.


How to Tell about Your Friend

To create a full picture of personality and appearance of your friend, you will need to include two basic elements in variations.

   1. Features

The features are mostly explained by adjectives in essays. Therefore, you can tell how your friend looks like (visual features) and which traits of character he has (personal features). There is a pseudoscience called physiognomic, which claims that appearance is closely connected with the person`s personality. We cannot tell you this for sure, but it will be interesting for you to find some parallels between appearance of your friend and his features of character.

   2. Actions

Nothing says better about a person, than his actions. So, it will be a good idea to include a few short (!) stories from life of your friend, which show his view on life and disclose his personality. You should better select the stories, in which you also act, or which you have seen/observed personally. Do not forget to give a short description on the situation and of the other people acting.


The Common Mistakes Students Make Writing and Essay about Friend

Here we are going to tell you some common mistakes, so you will avoid them.

       1. Telling the Lies

As you are talking about your friend, you are most likely trying to create an ideal image of the perfect person being kind-hearted and always ready to help. However, your friend is not ideal, as every human being. So, do not lie or hide his bad features and weaknesses. Those points will even make your essay better, as they will contribute to a real and full picture.

       2. Illogical Structure

Sometimes students want to say so much at once, that they create a total mess in their essay. Indeed, telling a lot of features one by one won`t help your reader to understand what you are talking about. You should group the features and aspects of your friend`s characteristics and write a paragraph for each aspect. All those paragraphs should be framed by introduction and conclusion.

       3. Non-Editing

Students usually hate essay writing, so as soon as they put the last dot, they consider an essay to be done. However, it is not. You should read the paper once or twice and correct the minor mistakes. There may be some sentence structure issues, grammar and spelling mistakes etc. If you can read your essay aloud to your friend or family, they may recognize some inappropriate words or unclear structures. A careful final editing and proofreading will only help you to avoid grade deductions.


Do I Have no Choice but Write an Essay about a Friend Alone?

Surely, not. will never leave you alone with difficult tasks. Feel free to communicate with your writer directly, and he will help you to complete a perfect essay about your friend.

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