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Essay on Loneliness: Possible Types

Loneliness is a sad thing. However, you can also approach this issue from a scientific point of view. Think about the reasons of loneliness, its effects, ways to cope with this feeling etc. An essay on loneliness is the best format to express such kind of thoughts.


Approaches to the Loneliness Issue

There may be different points of view on loneliness, and due to selection of a certain approach, the style of writing and content will differ.


  • Loneliness: Causes and Effects

Obviously, loneliness has its causes. Mostly, it depends on the personal features of a person, who experiences it. You can emphasize on psychological features, which lead to loneliness, such as being an introvert, being proud, jealous, demanding etc. There also can be some issues with a person`s behavior, if he/she is not neat or responsible, or if the person is not always telling the truth etc.

Evidently, loneliness also has its effects on the personality. In some tough cases it may lead to suicidal and/or hysterical behavior. However, it may also have good consequences, such a person`s looking for the ways to self-understanding and self-improvement. So, in some situations loneliness can motivate.

All these points can be used by you if you are going to write a cause and effect essay on loneliness.


  • Loneliness: Solutions to the Problem

You can also make up an interesting essay about the ways to cope with loneliness. There can be two main solutions: 1) Trying to look for friends; 2) Trying to substitute the lack of friends with some other feelings/emotions etc.

Trying to look for friends actually means increasing of communication, becoming friendlier, and fixing the bad features of personality.

Trying to look for substitute can be expressed in various ways. The most frequently used way is getting a pet. There is a stereotype that lonely women tend to get cats as their pets, so when they get old they become surrounded by tens of cats. Also, one can find a hobby, such as knitting or embroidering, what helps to avoid thinking about loneliness and contributes to concentrating on your task. You may complete a brilliant essay on loneliness giving your personal suggesting on how to cope with such feeling.


  • Loneliness as a Sociological Issue

There is also a possibility to analyze some sociological findings on this issue. For example, you may check the statistics concerning which gender is more frequently feeling lonely and what is the reason for this. You can determine the types of loneliness: lack of friends, lack of girlfriend or boyfriend, lack of understanding within the family relationships etc.


  • Examples of Loneliness and Their Analysis

This is a good aspect to write about, if you have got your assignment for essay on loneliness on your Literature subject. Therefore, you can select a hero from the book, which experiences loneliness and analyze his behavior. It is possible to determine the specific causes and effects, the way the author depicts the feelings of a hero, and your personal evaluation of this (whether the descriptions and actions are similar to those people experience in real life or not).


What to Do if You Feel Confused?

If you cannot decide, what to write about, or you simply do not know how to put your thoughts into a paper, welcome to our service! We will complete your assignments for you, help with writing or/and correction of your essay on loneliness.

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