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Moral Dilemma Essay: General Rules, Difficulties, Structural Hints

Moral dilemma is a situation, when two of your moral rules contradict. Thus, you need to select one way on how to act. It is always difficult to resolve such a problem, but your actions show your personal features and priorities. This is the reason, why a moral dilemma essay may be assigned.


Moral Dilemma Essay: Notes for Writing

Before you start writing a moral dilemma essay, there are a few things you should know.

          1. There Is No Right Choice

You should not struggle searching for the best decision to resolve the situation effectively. There will always be some wins and some losses. Your task is to select the way, which is closer to you as a personality.

          2. Tell the Truth

It is important to tell what you really think in your moral dilemma essay. Trying to seem better as you are will make your essay lame, so your reader won`t trust in what you write about.

          3. Make It a True Moral Dilemma

Select an appropriate topic for your moral dilemma essay, so it will truly have no right choice and no wrong one. This will make your text interesting and intriguing.

          4. Do Not Forget to Explain the Situation

Surely, the main part of such an essay is telling your choice and explaining why you would act/ acted that way. However, do not forget to explain the situation that has taken place first. You should make your reader understand, what your choices were, before you tell your actual selection.


Pieces of Advice for Structuring a Moral Dilemma Essay

There will be three common essay parts in your essay. Here are some hints on their content.

          1. Introduction

Start your essay with a proverb or quote of a famous person. This will be the best variant for hook in such case: numbers will make your beginning too serious and story will be told a bit later. Then, explain the situation that happens, and which leads to a moral dilemma. Finally, write a thesis statement, showing your personal attitude to the issue.

          2. Body Part

Your body part will contain explanation and argumentation of your selection. Actually, it will be an elaboration of your thesis statement. Every time you start a new point/argument – start it from a new paragraph.

          3. Conclusion

You should show your reader that you are certain in your decision, what contributes to your image of a confident person. It will be good to paraphrase the thesis statement to confirm your point of view as well.


Difficulties You Will Face

Beside the actual choice to support, there will be a few more difficulties you may face while writing a moral dilemma essay.

          1. Selection of Topic to Cover

Unless a situation is given in the assignment instructions, you should select an appropriate one. You can deal with conflicts between your work responsibilities and ethical ones concerning your friends or family, with law and compassion etc. If you do not have ideas on which topic to select, you may consult our writing expert on this issue.

          2. Effective Argumentation

If you have already chosen a side to support, you may feel the lack of argumentation for writing. Your task is to tell why your solution is better and why opposite one is worse. Our experts are also available for assistance regarding this issue.

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