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Some Ideas for an Essay on Greed

Greed is definitely not the best feature of a human`s personality. However, many people claim, that modern people are getting greedier and money rules everything. Therefore, greed becomes an issue of a social character and you can easily write an interesting essay on greed.


What Can Be Actually Said about Greed?

If you have got an assignment to write an essay on greed you may feel confused. Indeed, what can be said about it? Greed – is bad, and one should be ruled by better features to achieve better aims. That is it: one sentence and you get stuck. For you to know, a lot of information can be covered by such an essay, so we offer you one possible structure for an essay on greed you can benefit from.


Structure for an Essay on Greed with Comments

The essay about greed will structurally look like any other essay, but surely be different by content.

           1. Introduction

You may start from a proverb or saying, which deals with greed. Also, it is possible to tell a short story (a really short one), which shows the bad consequences of greed and motivates you to write on this issue. Also, you should explain, why greed is important to be written about and why should people fix this in their personality in general. All in all, you need to

  • Catch a reader`s attention with the first lines
  • Motivate the importance of your issue
  • Formulate the thesis statement to make your topic narrower and show the specific issue you are going to deal with.


           2. Body Part

Your body part will have at least 3 paragraphs. There may be three reasons why people should not be greedy with explanations, or three causes/consequences of greediness in modern society. Surely, your body part may have more than 3 paragraphs, but never less. All the paragraphs need to be mentioned in your thesis statement.


           3. Conclusion

In your conclusion you should paraphrase your thesis statement. This is to confirm that you have supported your ideas well enough to validate them. Thus, you main claim also need to be stated:

  • that greediness is the negative and destructive feature for the human`s personality,
  • that greediness is a social issue that needs to be fight with,
  • that being greedy is motivated by modern word conditions
  • … and whatever aspect you have been reviewing in your body part.


Interesting Facts to Include

There are a few points you can use in your essay.

  • Links to Movies and Cartoons

If you are talking about being greedy, you can refer to the movie “Seven” (1995), where greed is among the main sins.  Also, you may talk about Scrooge McDuck as a bright image from cartoons that everybody knows etc. Those links will apply to your readers` memory and will make them more interested.

  • Links to Famous Philosophers

In case you have selected the more serious mode of writing, you can check what philosophers say about greediness and the issues connected with this. Links to classic philosophic thoughts will make your essay more efficient and create an impression of you being a well-educated one.


Extra Tips for an Essay on Greed

If you need some more information for your essay on greed or you need someone`s help to create a masterpiece, EssayForMe.Org is here for you!


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