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The Points to Write on in a Decision Making and Critical Thinking Paper

Making a good decision is always a result of critical thinking. However, usually it is not that easy as it may seem. Check on more information about decision making and critical thinking. This will be helpful for your personal everyday life and for writing an essay on decision making and critical thinking.


Understanding of Priorities

You should understand, that there is no always a right decision. There can be correct and wrong choice in mathematics, or in multiply choice test at school. However, when it comes to a real life, things are getting more difficult. A lot of moral dilemma cases appear, so you should do not the right decision, but the best appropriate one taking into account your priorities. Thus, understanding of your priorities adds to critical thinking in decision making.


The Role of Critical Thinking

Why is critical thinking so important for decision making? In fact, each person`s decision making is based on two points: emotions and thinking. The intelligence of making decisions is mostly defined by how the person can think despite of his/her emotions. The happiness and satisfaction from the decision made is determined on whether the person has been listening to his/her heart/emotions. When in everyday life you should find a balance between those two aspects, such responsible sphere as work requires you to make intelligent decisions based mostly on critical thinking. Remember, that you are always responsible for the decision you make.


What Are the Elements of Critical Thinking for a Decision Making?

Critical thinking is actually an analysis of situation from the following aspects.

  • Causes and Effects

The main aspect of decision making is analysis of causes and effects. Before you make a certain choice, you should think, what has caused the need of making the choice at all and what will be the consequences of our decision. There can be good consequences as well as bad ones. Your task is to make sure that there are more good results, and you will be able to cope with the bad ones easily.

  • Comparison and Evidence

While thinking critically you should compare the situation that is taking place to the other situation of the kind. Have you ever experienced something like this before? What was your decision and was it good? You can judge the new case by the effects of the past decisions. If your previous choice turned out to be good – act the same way this time, if not – avoid making the same mistake.

  • Thinking of Further Steps

A perfect management of situation deals with developing a whole plan of actions. This means, that you do not make a single decision, but this choice is included to a wide scheme of the decisions of the kind. If you follow a certain scheme to gain a certain effect, this will definitely contribute to your success. Furthermore, you will always be ready to further choices and challenges due to this. Having a strategy is an important feature of a successful person.


Assistance with Decision Making and Critical Thinking

It will be a good decision for you to consult with a professional, if you need a solution to a certain case. The help will be performed through writing a paper, so you can get a response in a written form. All you need is just contact EssayForMe.Org and we will help you out.

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