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Writing an Essay About Yourself

Notebook and Pen

Describing your personality might seem like an easy task for you, but there are lots of misconceptions about it. It surely isn’t about describing your life long situations or talking about your weak and strong points. It should be a well-written text which can give another person a clear idea about your personality. The hardest thing to do here is to look at yourself from an outside perspective.

Common Mistakes

Mistake # 1 Too Many Events

First misconception about writing personal essays is that one should describe different events rather than concentrate on one. It’s better to remember that in personal essay we are not asked to retell autobiography, but to concentrate on one or couple of most vivid events of our life and make reader interested to continue reading our essay. Don’t make it drab and keep in mind that you cannot mention all the things that happened to you in one small essay and it surely won’t be interesting for those who read it.

Mistake # 2 Personal Style

There is no one official way to write an essay, so you can use all the possible ways to make it unique. Develop your personal style, appeal to readers’ feelings or background. If you’re writing personal essay for some company, better not to be too informal. At the same time, don’t make it sound like millions of other essays.

Mistake # 3 No Plan

People often start writing personal essays without thinking properly which events or characteristics they want to mention. You shouldn’t forget that such an essay falls into 3 parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. For example, your basic plan can look like: name, age, education, school (favorite subjects), best friends and hobbies, family and parents’ professions, appearance and character, dreams and plans for the future. To diversify your essay you can also add some famous quote and add epigraph. This quote can describe your personal characteristics. Instead of just naming your strong points, you can mention situations which reveal your personal qualities.

Useful Tips

Tip # 1 Don’t talk too much about your achievements. Because they are only a small part of who you are.

Tip # 2 Appeal to your feelings and emotions and try to explain them. Reader should understand that you are a human being, not a robot.

Tip # 3 Use long sentences rather than short ones.

Tip # 4 To make your conclusion sound interesting, write about your future dreams and steps you already took to make them come true. Such a conclusion will show that you are ambitious, determined and ready to do your best against the odds.

All in all, if you stick to these simple rules, your personal essay will sound fresh.

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