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Enemies at College

Enemies at College

You are not a real human being if you have no enemies or at least people who don’t like you. We all tend to think that a person needs friends to be happy. But our enemies can also be helpful to us in some way. First of all, let’s talk about why people have enemies at all.

Reasons for Having Enemies

If you have some or lots of competitors in your life, our congratulations! That means that you are in control of your life, you have your personal point of view, clear principals and you was not trying to be inside of a herd. Of course, we omit the cases when immoral behavior is the main reason for having enemies.

How Can Enemies Be Helpful?

Even a beautiful lake turns into a swamp without new springs. From a psychological point of view, a human is always trying to find a comfort zone and stability in life. But such life can easily turn into boring routine, as a person needs to grow up, find new hobbies and develop. And what can be better than seeing your own enemies fighting for the place under the sun on the same battlefield? It can become a perfect incentive for you to move further and to prove that you are better. So sometimes we should be thankful to our enemies for who we are.

Ways to Cope with Enemies

Fighting an Enemy

Way # 1 To have as few as possible

Relationship is not an easy thing and any word or ill-considered action can make a person who has a neutral attitude towards you become your enemy. The best advice would be to watch your words carefully and even if you did something bad, apologize and explain that you didn’t want to hurt a person.

Way # 2 Treat enemies properly

Even if you have someone who doesn’t like you that much, it is not your problem. Every person deserves personal respect and arguing or yelling at each other is wastage of time. So try to be as neutral as possible and never seem sad or unhappy in front of that person. That can be the best revenge ever.

Way # 3 Never start a war first

You may also dislike someone in your life, but it usually means that you don’t share the same interests or behavior. Let’s just say that you are the total opposite of a person. But if he or she didn’t hurt you nor did anything wrong about you, never start a war with them first. Because then you will probably lose it.

To conclude, having enemies is a natural and necessary part of our lives as they can make us motivated more than anything else. The only thing you need to learn is how to treat such people appropriately.

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