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Problems That Students Might Face Adjusting to Higher Education


Frankly speaking, a first-year student of university meets a lot of problems on his way. When the pink glasses are not working anymore, the young one faces stress and depression. A freshman has many personal issues to deal with in addition to focusing on academic work. The most common difficulties have a strong impact on mental and physical health of the student and can be divided into several groups. Let’s have an outlook.

What Are You Feeling?

Mental problems sometimes may be such a big challenge! By mental problems, we mean all kinds of difficulties that concern the inner world of the student: depression, feeling homesick, personal conflicts and doubts. A student initially is not that good at focusing, because a new team and new conditions change the internal climate. Poor communication skills, difficulties concerning miserable adaptation to independent life can also give a negative effect. No wonder that you can feel lonely or lost in such situation. We are all worried when we can't make friends for a long time. We are anxious, though our true friends and future colleagues are eventually always found after some period of time.

Finding the Connection


In addition, a university is such a big community where a student needs to collaborate with people with different culture backgrounds and social values, which can be complicated. Establishing new relationships with peers, getting on with roommates can be a real challenge. Moreover, the process of studying, which is quite different from the school`s one, involves some problems. There are two important components of the university`s way of studying: time-management and regular work. In fact, these are required conditions for success. However, it is not easy for a freshman to work effectively and do his best. It is a common problem when a promising student fails his first university’s tests because of the lack of experience in working this way. This situation can create feelings of frustration and widen the circle of student’s your insecurities.

Care About Yourself

Moreover, it is important to have a regular sleep. A student that sleeps properly is more concentrated and more active. Do exercises, drink a lot of water and eat healthy food. When it is very difficult to learn all the material, you must inspire yourself for a creative work. Art can bring the long-waited muse. Find more experienced people and ask them everything you are interested in. In addition, students can often be under a bad influence. If you see that the company of other students is unacceptable for you, you can always leave. Try to avoid negative influence in both physical and mental ways.

In general, students might face mental, social and academic issues. The most important actions that can help a student to cope with such difficulties are giving him time when he has an adaptation period and not expecting too much from him. A university changes a student. These changes make him cleverer and more enduring. The best strategy for him is to outlive this period of adaptation. Then university becomes a real home.

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