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Learning Without Boning Up: Practical Advice

Annoyed Student

Boning up on a subject is not the most effective way of learning. You must drum the information in your head in order to remember a single formula. There is good news. You do not have to learn everything with cramming. If you learn how to associate ideas with each other, most information will be get arranged in your head easier. Your brain is not a box with a card file, but it is the binding of ideas. Your brain is not also a group of bits and bytes. So, it is much more sensible to spend a little time to find your own best way to learn. There are a lot of creative approaches to learning.

Use the Correlations

You have to find correlations between new ideas and information you already know. For example, you can imagine a derivative number in a form of a speedometer in the car. It is easier to remember an abstract example if you relate it to something familiar.

Draw the Schemes

You can build the schemes, in which the correlations between ideas will be shown. These help you create new correlations by yourself. You are able to create a lot of connections. So, you will not forget the idea even if you forget one of the correlations.

Use the Principle “Similar, but”

You can bind one piece of information with another, but note their differences. If you use this method, you will be able to remember the information, even if you cannot find a good analogy or build a scheme. For example, Confucius was born approximately at the same time as Socrates, but he lived in the ancient China.

Try to Imagine

You can make an idea more concrete if you transform it into an image. You can also apply this strategy to your other senses. You should be able to create imaginative descriptions of what you need to learn. If you do not want to repeat the same piece of information five or ten times before you learn it, the creative approach will rather save your time than waste it.

Try to Explain

Can you explain what you have learned to a child? It is another way of linking the ideas. You should bind new information to something that you are aware well. This exercise helps to simplify. You are dealing with concrete ideas instead of the abstractions. You are able to try to explain the things, which you learn, to someone. Teaching somebody can be the best way to learn something.

The Group Learning

If you work on the theme in a group, explaining to each other, you will create more links with the information you have to learn. Brainstorming also helps to learn faster.

The Rule of 70 Percent

70 Percent

You should try to achieve 70 percent of the understanding and memorizing the information before moving on. Even if you lose 30 percent of the issue, you will be able to cope with the main part faster. Besides, you can always go back and rethink all the facts, which you have missed after the first approach.

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