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Al Capone Essay: Ways to Write It Well

Al Capone’s Portrait

There are no doubts, that Alphonse Gabriel Capone was an interesting personality. Being a figure of the past, he is still known all over the world and his image is widely used in art, cinematography and so on. That is why it would be a good idea to complete an Al Capone essay, as you will be able to make it truly enchanting with our help.

Al Capone Essay: Characteristics of a Personality

Based on the information you can access (biography, photos etc.) it is possible to create a psychological portrait of Al Capone. It will have a lot in common with the description of a typical criminal, but there still would be some extra-ordinary features. Critically review the facts of biography and make conclusions on the personal traits that led him to act that way.

For example:

As Al Capone was a boss of the Chicago Outfit organization, we can say that he had well-developed leadership skills to manage his affairs.

Also, as he had committed numerous crimes, we can say, that he had a specific understanding of morality.

The behavior of Al Capone on his brother`s funeral shows us that the criminal respected the rules and traditions of the criminal world.

There are a lot of more situations to be reviewed for a full psychological portrait for a well-written Al Capone essay.

Some Interesting Facts to Write About

Al Capone’s Caricature

If you are writing a short essay, you will probably prefer including some interesting facts only. Here are a few points/aspects, you can write about instead of including all the biographical facts.

  •        1. Al Capone and Fighting for Power

    Surely, Al Capone has done a lot to keep his power and influence in the criminal world. Thus, you can write about the crimes he committed against his competitors. An incident on the 14th of February, 1929 deserves a special attention. Nevertheless, there are a lot of more cases to write on. For example, you can review the reasons Al Capone killed people, as the list of his victims is available on the web.

  •        2. Al Capone`s Imprisonment

    There are a lot of interesting facts about the time, when Al Capone was imprisoned. You may talk about that time corruption in prisons organization, as Al Capone managed to have special conditions of imprisonment. Also, a reader will be interested in his staying and behavior in Alcatraz, including his communication with other criminals and their attitude towards him.

  •        3. Al Capone`s Influence

    What power did Al Capone have in different spheres, other than the criminal one? Well, at the time he was a criminal authority, the wealth he had were enough for having influence on various social spheres. For example, you may write on the elections in Cicero, Illinois.

  •        4. Al Capone`s Philosophy

    There are a few well-known quotes of Al Capone, which represent his view on his business and philosophy. You may write your personal evaluation on the phrases. This point is also suitable for an argumentative/persuasive speech.

  •        5. A Character of Al Capone in Art, Literature etc.

    Being a bright personality, Al Capone is now a symbol of a criminal in art. His character is widely used in comics, films, literature, music and even in sports. You may analyze the way he is represented in different spheres of art.

Help on Al Capone Essay

If you want to make your Al Capone essay brilliant and informative, let us help. You can place your order with EssayforMe.Org and a professional writer will assist you with this assignment completion.

The famous “scarface” was more than just a gangster and the boss of Chicago outfit, his influence has made him one of the most notable racketeers in the criminal world of all periods. But before that we may investigate his early life to understand how he made his life like that and reached the highest positions in the criminal sphere for such a short period of life.

The figure is really intriguing; however, it needs a lot of efforts and time to write an amazingly perfect essay that will reveal the readers all the sides of its character. We are able to research Alphonse’s closest friends and spouse to get to know his way of thinking and dealing with his rivals and enemies. The way he acted was truly innovative at that time.

Al Capone has managed to expand the bootlegging business through increasingly violent means, but also made lots of donations to different charities and even opened some of them to give free food for homeless people. Nevertheless, he was dubbed “Public Enemy No. 1” due to his murders of other gang rivals, some of them even in broad daylight in the form of Chicago policemen. We know a lot about this personality, a lot is also to be discovered.

That is why, if you feel like a biography of a boss of Chicago Outfit is not for you to comprehend overnight, do not hesitate and order an essay on Al Capone at our website. We can guarantee you the best informative content, convincing argumentations on his role in the history of crime and many other nuances according to his style of life.

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Political alliances, Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, trials and all other sensational news of that time will be carefully observed and detailed put in to your essay on every topic about this personality you choose. We also guarantee you a 100% authenticity of your work including your own thoughts and ideas that will be gladly taken into account.

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